Why Select Galvin Green? Part 3

This is part 3 in my line of articles concentrating on the Galvin Green Multi-layer concept of clothing.

Galvin Green is a leading brand of Golf clothing. Galvin Green offer a full selection of clothing for all weather conditions. The clothing selection is highly fashionable but simultaneously highly practical in that it is specifically designed to function in unison with the golf swing.

Galvin Green’s idea is a multi-layer concept whereby you can mix and match the items of clothing to cover all the conditions can throw at you, whether it be warm, cold, windy or raining.

To get the most out of your golf garments , and your game, it is necessary to dress right – from the inside out. The key to Comfort is layering, breathability and wetness transportation. Since the unsimilar layers work intimately jointly, thermoregulation is all about using the correct materials in the right combination. This is what the Multi-Layer Concept is all about.

In this piece I’ll be concentrating on the Galvin Green collection that keeps you warm in cold conditions.

The Skintight Layer
Enjoyment begins next to the skin. The extremely high level of breathability and dampness transportation properties makes Skintight Compression ideal for golf in temperatures between 10 and 20° C. Skintight Compression garments are created from a highly breathable material that keeps dampness away from your skin, thereby creating a warm and comfortable feeling throughout. The Compression Technology adds important attributes when extra performance is required. The firm fit boosts the blood flow and oxygen level in the muscles, providing greater flow and greater stamina.

The Skintight Layer comes in two assortments, the Skintight Compression series or the Skintight Fresh series. The Skintight Compression collection might comprise of any of the following garments:
– Earl Under Garment
– Enzo Under Garment

The Skintight Compression series has the following attributes:
– Compression Technology to increase blood flow and oxygen level in the muscles.
– Thermo regulation for optimum Enjoyment.
– ultimate breathability that enables the release of excess heat and moisture.
– perfect moisture-transportation properties.
– Anti-bacterial technology keeps the apparels fresh.
– Perfect fit and best freedom of movement.
– Easy to wash and maintain, just regular machine wash.

Technical Facts about Skintight Compression Technology
The Galvin Green Skintight Compression Technology outfits are specially developed to enhance flow, improve body posture and provide greater stamina. The polyester and spandex fabrics along with the tight fit make it extremely efficient in wetness management.

The Skintight Coat could also comprise of any apparels in the Skintight Fresh collection. The Skintight Fresh selection could include of any of the following outfits:
– Edward Rollneck Under Garment
– Ellis T-Shirt

The Skintight Fresh collection has the following qualities:
– Anti-bacterial technology keeps the outfits fresh.
– Maximum breathability that enables the release of excess heat and wetness.
– excellent moisture-transportation properties.
– supreme fit and greatest freedom of movement.
– is easily viable as you can machine wash it

Technical Facts about The Skintight Fresh range
The Skintight Fresh series is completed using an anti-bacterial material that transports dampness away from the skin. The anti-bacterial properties of Skintight Fresh maintain the skin’s natural bacterial level, but eliminate odour, providing fresh and dry comfort everytime.

This concludes this article on the Galvin Green Skintight Tier . Next week I will be blogging about the Galvin Green Fresh Coat and how this is formed to work in combination with other Galvin Green garments

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