Why Purchase Galvin Green Garments Number 4?

Part 4 of my range of blogs on Galvin Green apparel will discuss the Cool Layer.

Galvin Green is a premier producermaker of Golf clothing. They offer a full range of apparel for all weather elements. The clothing series is highly fashionable but at the same time highly practical in that it is specifically designed to function in unison with the golf swing.

Galvin Green’s idea is a multi-layer concept whereby you can mix and match the items of clothing to cover all the weather can throw at you, whether it be warm, cool, windy or wet.

To get the most out of your golf garments, and your game, it is important to dress right – from the inside out. The key to comfort is layering, breathability and moisture transportation. Since the different layers work closely together, thermoregulation is all about using the right materials in the right combination. This is what the Multi-Layer Notion is all about.

In this Article I’ll be dealing with the Galvin Green range that keeps you cool in warm conditions.

The Cool Layer
In the warmest of weather conditions, there is only one way to keep cool on the golf course: that’s by staying dry. The cool, comfortable VENTIL8 series by Galvin Green features unique breathability and moisture-transportation properties. The garments have the ability to move moisture away from the body surface by using specially designed fabrics and moisture-wicking techniques. VENTIL8 textile fibres have been designed to disperse perspiration and moisture over a larger area, allowing it to evaporate more rapidly. The soft, comfortable VENTIL8 golf shirts are designed for maximum freedom of movement. Anti-bacterial technology prevents body odours and keeps the items of clothing fresh throughout their lifetimes. They are easy to launder and consistently retain their shape, size and “new” feel, wash after wash.

The VENTIL8 selection consists of the following shirts:
– Maddox Shirt
– Marc Shirt
– Miller Shirt
– Milos Shirt
– Mitch Shirt

The VENTIL8 series has the following features:
– level of breathability.
– Splendid moisture-transportation properties keep the body dry and cool.
– Light, soft and comfortable garment, specially developed for golfers.
– Permanent anti-bacterial technology keeps the garments fresh.
– Easy to launder and maintain, just regular machine wash.

Technical Notes about VENTIL8 Technology
The VENTIL8 collection makes use of carefully selected materials with unique properties. A VENTIL8 shirt transports moisture and excess heat away twice as efficiently as a conventional polyester golf shirt. This is made possible by an advanced technology whereby the textile fibres are designed to disperse perspiration and moisture over a larger area, allowing moisture to evaporate considerably more rapidly.

This ends this Part on the Galvin Green Cool layer and concludes this series of Articles on Galvin Green apparel.

All the garments mentioned in this article can be found in our Galvin Green section at Golf Shop Direct

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