Why Choose Galvin Green? Part 2

In this set of blogs I am focusing on the Galvin Green series of apparel and the multi-layer clothing concept that Galvin Green recommend.

Galvin Green is a leading supplier of Golf garments. They offer a full series of clothing for all weather conditions. The clothing series is highly fashionable but at the same time highly practical in that it is specifically designed to work in unison with the golf swing.

Galvin Green’s idea is a multi-layer concept whereby you can mix and match the items of clothing to cover all the elements can throw at you, whether it be hot , cool, windy or raining.

To get the most out of your golf apparel, and your game, it is important to dress right – from the inside out. The key to comfort is layering, breathability and moisture transportation. Since the different layers work very closely together, thermoregulation is all about using the right materials in the right combination. This is what the Multi-Layer Concept is all about.

In this article I’ll be concentrating on the Galvin Green range that keeps you warm in cold conditions.

The Warm Coat
This might consist of any of the Galvin Green items in the Windstopper Soft Shell range.

This includes any of the following jackets:
– Bedford Half Zip Jacket
– Bourne Jacket
– Bruce Jacket
– Buzz Jacket

The Windstopper Soft Shell range has the following virtues:
– Totally windproof. Effectively shields against wind chill
– ultimate breathability that allows moisture vapour to evaporate
– Thermoregulatory function keeps the body at an optimum performance temperature
– ideal fit and maximum freedom of movement as its been designed especially for golfers
– very hard wearing and long lasting
– is easily maintainable as you can machine wash it

Technical Points about The Windstopper Material
The WINDSTOPPER Layer is an ultra thin, totally windproof protective Tier which is laminated to a lightweight textile Coat. The Layer is made of the versatile polymer PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) which is expanded to create a microporous structure. These micropores are 900 times larger than water vapour molecules, allowing sweat to pass through unhindered.

The warm Tier could also consist of any items in the Insula series. The Insula collection could consist of any of the following clothing items:
– Drake Jacket
– Duke Sleeveless Jacket

The Insula collection has the following facets:
– sublime thermal insulation facets keep the body warm and comfortable
– ultimate breathability that enables the release of excess heat and moisture.
– Soft, stretchy and snug fitting garments, specially developed for golfers.
– Perfect intermediate Tier under a Gore-Tex or a WINDSTOPPER jacket.
– is easily maintainable as you can machine wash it

Technical Notes about The Insula Layer
Insula apparel are tight-fitting with a ‘waffle pattern’ interior. The Layer has built-in air chambers which are warmed by the body heat and provide extremely effective and long-lasting thermal insulation.

This concludes this paper on the Galvin Green Warm Tier . Next week I will be discussing the Galvin Green Skintight Layer and how this is designed to function in combination with the Galvin Green Warm Layer garments.

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