Useful Tips For Playing Golf For Left Hand Players

It goes without any sayings that almost all the tips and instructions for golfers which might be found anywhere are specific for the right handed golfers. But if you are left handed learning golf may appear more difficult. But still there is not great deal of a real difference between the strategies which are used by the left handed golf players when compared to the right handed people. It’s generally a mirror image. Therefore all the tips what are correct for the right handed golfer will be doubtlessly relevant for the left handed golfers with just one difference. Everything that is good for the right handed golf player will be relevant for the left handed golf players as well. Anyway there are several other issues which a left handed golf player should carefully keep in mind.

1. Your Equipment

It goes without any sayings that having good equipment is an imperative part of good game for any golfer. But still it is wroth mentioning that a left handed golfer need to keep in his mind that he should never golf right handed because it’s quite difficult to find some golf equipment for the left handed people. Personally I thing that it’s better to wait until you get the relevant equipment than to compromise on the technique you play. Thus the choice is obvious. You should try to select the best golf equipments suitable for the left handed people.

2. Your Technique

In general, the basic technique for golfing remains almost the same. It doesn’t matter whether you are right handed or left handed. But still it is necessary to note that your grip should be neither too tight nor too loose. If you apply the right grip which will be totally comfortable it will be really perfect. Remember that the stance should be purely square with placing your feet parallel to your target line. Your shoulders and hips need to be put parallel to your target.

If you intend to make a chip shot you need to stand close to your golf ball. It is important to lean your body a little bit to the right with your hands ahead of your ball. Remember that the right hand needs to dominate that shot. It is true that the impact is gained the left knee leans in. Your move should be absolutely slight and natural.

For making a good shot one should keep the eyes over the ball. Remember that the arms need to be totally relaxed, your wrists need to be rather firm and your grip needs to be light. Keep your shoulders square to your target and hold your head down. Your takeaway ought to be slow and low while the stroke on your ball should be accelerating.

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