Tips On How To Save Some Money On Golf Balls

For the everyday golf enthusiast one of the greatest ongoing costs of the sport is golf balls.

Many times it seems like you just cannot keep enough in your bag and you’re always off to the store to get yourself a new dozen.

So knowing that you are going to be shelling out cash for balls on a regular basis, it makes sense that you’d take a small amount of time and discover some of the less costly choices out there.

Below we will list a few of those cheap golf balls options – two you might have heard about previously and one which is a little left field.

1 – Excess Logo Balls

Whenever a big brand makes an order for logo golf balls there’s always more produced than the company really needs. What this means is that there is always going to be additional logo overrun golf balls available you can purchase relatively cheaply.

And the best part about these varieties of golf balls is the fact that they will be brand spanking new and depending upon how generous the company was, they can be more expensive golf balls and not simply the lowest priced ones available.

To purchase cheap logo golf balls you need to simply look at several of the major internet golf stores. Nearly all of them have an area of their website focused on these kinds of balls.

2 – eBay

The growth of eBay has meant that it’s now practical for entrepreneurs to have a relatively large shop up and running without really needing to use money on a place of business and all the associated costs.

Which means that they’ll pass these savings on to buyers by means of discounted prices.

EBay has an abundance of great sellers who usually have discounted prices on lots of different golf balls from new to one-hit wonders and also pre-owned balls.

The main one suggestion I’d provide with regards to eBay is to discover a great vendor and stick with them. After a while you can actually build up a bit of a relationship and ask for special packages with them whether it’s to get a certain brand of golf ball, or get deals on bulk buys.

3 – Resort Caddies

This one’s a bit different, and came to mind from working as a caddy.

I was living with a guy who was barely playing golf thanks to a bad back, but everyday he was on the bag he’d be finding golf balls as all caddies do.

Near the close of the golf season he literally had a closet stuffed with expensive, like new golf balls sitting there doing nothing.

So my advice is to find out if you can find a few resorts in the region that use caddies, and try to work out a deal with one or two of those caddies.

They often need money and have great golf balls so it is an ideal situation. You’ll have a virtually limitless supply of the top line balls on the market.


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