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Callaway UPro Golf GPS… Take Your Golf Game To The 21st Century, George Jetson

The Callaway uPro Golf GPS features the most up-to-date technology of all the golf GPS devices on the market today. The aerial and satellite photography shown for each of the golf courses shows the golfer every hazard, relevant distances and layout of every hole. It lets you see the entire hole before you have to play it. A very handy feature if you like to play a lot of different courses that you may not be familiar with.

The screen on the uPro GPS shows crystal clear images of the graphics and text, even in direct sunlight. The low profile design of the uPro Golf GPS makes it easily fit in your pocket or on a belt holder without interfering with your golf swing. You don’t even know it is there…until you need it that is.

Then you simply push a button and the super fast GPS locking kicks in, allowing for the quickest startup times of any other golf GPS devices. It will also stay locked even under the most extreme conditions.

No additional drivers or software is required. Everything you need to simply hook up to any computer with an internet connection and download your
course is included. No yearly subscription to get new courses or update old ones. You simply choose what course you want to play and it costs a small fee to download from their website.

The uPro Golf GPS offers two modes for golf course downloads.

In Basic mode, the uPro shows the distance to the front and back of all hazards and makes a distinction between the different types of hazards. Each hazard is automatically displayed in sequential order based on the current user position, and then is updated as the user moves throughout the hole. Basic mode also provides a green view, with large, easy-to-read numbers that depict the distance to the front, center, and back of the green.

In Pro mode the device offers a video flyover that lets the user see the layout of the hole from an aerial perspective. From the center of the green, users can see the 100-, 150-, and 200-yard markers. The Pro mode also offers scale-accurate measurements that are used to measure to and from any point on the golf course, even from the outskirts of the rough.

The 2.2 inch screen is more than adequate to view the high resolution graphics they provide for every hole. The uPro Golf GPS uses SmartView technology to automatically provide viewpoints which show you information showing your next shot. As you move so does the viewpoint of view you get of the hole.

The uPro GPS can also provide an option to use voice commands to make menu navigation. This will allow you a totally hands free experience. This is truly a golf GPS device in it’s own class, head and shoulders above the competition.

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