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Gripping The Golf Club For The Perfect Golf Swing.

How to grip a golf club is not like gripping a baseball bat. There is a variation called the baseball grip but put that out of your mind while reading this.

With your club face square to the golf ball lay the top part of the grip across the base of your first knuckle of your left hand and wrap your fingers around it. Place your thumb pointing down the shaft of the golf club. Your wrist should have a slightly angled toward the ground.

Now take your right hand and, almost like your shaking hands with the club, place it around the grip. The pad at the base of your thumb on the palm of your right hand should be over top of your left thumb. The pointer finger of your right hand should not be completely wrapped around the shaft. Unlike your left thumb, the right thumb should be pointing back towards your right shoulder. Keep your arms straight and make a triangle with your arms and shoulders.

Now that your hands are positioned correctly for the perfect golf swing you can apply the proper pressure. You do not want to have too loose of a grip because then the club might fly out of your hands while swinging. You also do not want to have a very hard squeezing grip because this will hinder your golf swing ultimately. Ideally you want a tight firm grip.

Types of grips:

The Overlapping Grip:
This grip is when your right pinky wraps around the little crevasse between your left pointer and middle finger. Most people use this grip.

The Interlocking Grip:
Instead of having your right pinky on top of your left fingers it interlocks with the left pointer finger. It sounds uncomfortable but only if you are gripping the club too hard. Remember to have a firm grip but not firm enough to squeeze your fingers.

The Baseball Grip:
This grip is setup like all the others initially but places the right pinky next to the left pointer as if you are holding a baseball bat. This is for people with very small hands.

Test them all out and see which fits your hands best.

Remember it is a golf swing and not a hit. You want to remain relaxed throughout the swing. Gripping the club too tightly will tighten up your arms and wrist which is not desirable and will hurt your golf swing.

Once you get in your stance and have addressed the ball with your proper grip it is a good time to do the “waggle.” This is where you relax yourself and rock from side to side to get the weight on the balls of your feet. Then you can perform the perfect golf swing.

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The Right Way To Accomplish The Perfect Golf Swing

Everyone who golf’s needs to work on their swing. And by everybody I mean EVERYBODY. Professionals, weekend warriors, old, young, and new players. It’s always good to get back to basics and see the simple step by step golf swing.

For beginners this is a great place to start. Learning the basics of the golf swing instruction is a strong basis to continue on learning variations of the golf swing. Knowing how to line up your shot to the follow through is something you need to have that in the bag before you venture on to more advanced tactics.

And of course for the other experienced golfers a refresher can never hurt. Sometimes better than average get caught up in changing their swing they forget some of the basics. Sometimes they shy away from the correctness of swinging a golf club. They also may have overlooked or missed certain parts.

There is always something to improve on. You have to play and monitor how you are playing. The next time you go out keep track of the greens in regulation you hit. How many times you have hit the fairway or wound up in the rough. How many par saves did you have? How well were you hitting out of the trap if you had to. Were you fading when you did not intend to. These things will give you something to work on maybe at the range. Pin pointing what is causing your score to suffer is really the only way to improve.

Yeah watching the PGA tour players you see them drawing and fading and hitting it thin and making these amazing shots. But I guarantee they all started with golf swing instruction teachings on how to perform flawless golf swing.

Here is just a glimpse of what the perfect golf swing consists of:

When setting of for the perfect golf swing you must first line up your shot. A good way to do this is stand behind your ball so that you can see your ball and your target and a straight line between the two. Look maybe six inches to a foot in front of your ball and find a piece of debris or something that is in the direct line to your target. This is going to be your reference for when you are standing over the ball. You can now set the golf club behind the ball with the club face square to your target line. This is where that little piece of debris comes in handy. Next position your body so that your feet, hips, and shoulders are all parallel to your target line. You are now lined up to perform the perfect swing.

While your club face is square to your target grip the club with your left hand first. Lay the backside of the grip across the base of your fingers and wrap your hand around it. Put your thumb on top of the grip pointing down the shaft. You should apply the most pressure with the middle and ring finger. And when I say pressure I mean gently squeeze just enough to know the club won’t fly out of your hands when you do the golf swing. Next you want to add your right hand to the grip as if you were going to shake someone’s hand. You can interlock your right pinky finger with your left pointer, have your right pinky finger overlapping your left pointer finger, or have them side by side on the shaft.

Setting up your stance for a golf swing is key. The perfect golf swing is a swing not a hit. Knowing that, you can understand a good balanced stance is important. You should have your feet shoulder width apart with the ball in the middle of your stance. Keep your hips and shoulders perpendicular to your target line. Your back foot should be perpendicular to the target line. Your front foot should be slightly angled toward the target. Since your right hand is lower on the club your spine should be angled toward your back foot and your head slightly behind the ball and should stay there throughout the swing. Your knees should have a slight bend in them for balance. You should also be leaning forward at the waist keeping your spine straight. Keeping the spine straight is very important because this is the axis you’ll be “swinging” your body around. Your arms should be somewhat loose and hang from your shoulders down to grip the club.

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