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The TaylorMade Raylor Hybrid Golf-Club – A Review.

The TaylorMade Golf Clubs has been with us since 1988 and is reputed to be the favorite utility wood amongst players from time immemorial. This club was particularly adept at rescuing those, “gone into the rough”, tee shots and returning them to, or close to, the course. The club’s steel head is rounded and has a very low center of gravity, the sole of the club has a pair of distinctive tracks, the function of these is to assist the club in gliding effortlessly through long grass and at the same time dragging and twisting is resisted.

2009 saw the launch of the hybrid TaylorMade Raylor and it is proving to be a great improvement on the original design. This new Raylor hybrid club is available in two loft angles 19 and 22 degrees. The club has two main attributes that work together to provide its efficiency in making those shots from the rough.

1. The leading edge is lightly sharpened and pointed slightly, this permits a sliding action through the grass to address the rear of the golf ball.

2. The sole of this club, known as the “Raylor sole”, has a ship’s hull like form, this has the effect of parting the grass blades producing a clean glide swing with little or no resistance or snagging.

With the combination of the Raylor sole and the leading edge design there is a 23% reduction in the area of the section of the clubs head that would cause other clubs to stall or twist.

The radius of the Raynor sole can also assist you when making shots from sidehill lies. This radius measures 17 degrees as compared to a Burner Rescue hybrid club’s 10 degrees this actually provides an additional 70% extra (heel and toe side) sole relief making a more solid contact with the golf ball when it is under or above your feet.

The TaylorMade Golf Clubs hybrid has a RE*AX 65 gram shaft and is an inch more in length than is usual for other TaylorMade Rescue clubs of matching loft angles. This added length adds further assistance to velocity and purchase when attempting shots from the rough.

Unite the Raylor’s guided leading edge, V sole, exceptionally low center of gravity, compact size from heel to toe and longer shaft and you have acquired a utility wood/hybrid to get the ball out of the rough with uttermost ease. Adding up to that the tour proof that this club has already obtained with players like Kenny Perry playing this at the US Open because of the treacherous rough and our opinions are that they could have a winner on their hands. Although this club may not be utilized by everyone in all situation, the statistics for amateur golfers hitting their 2nd shot out of the rough are pretty high. For those tight courses, the Taylormade Raylor may be just what the Dr. ordered.

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