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What Does The Common Golfer Think Of The TaylorMade R9 460?

By no stretch of the imagination am I a professional golfer, in fact, I am just your average every day guy trying to put little balls into little holes on a great big golf course. Ok, so I would like to improve my game and when a new club comes along I think maybe this is just what I need to elevate my game to the next level and at least exceed my own highest score record.

I had been reading a lot about the TaylorMade R9 and I liked what I read so I decided to get one. I excitedly removed my new pride and joy from its box and eagerly read the manual. After reading I thought yes finally I have found the missing link in my game this club will transform my efforts. My swing will be fixed and I will hit balls like they have never been hit before, well by me anyhow, I will be the talk of the club.

When I came out of my dream scenario I took my new R9 out for a test drive. After I had hit around 500 balls disappointment set in, I played no differently. I have to say that the R9 has a 45.75″ Aldila shaft which did not compliment my swing. Because of my stature ie. 5’11”, short legs, longer body and arms like a gibbon I tend to play better with shortened 43″ drivers so I think I have tuned my play to this ever so slightly greater upright position.

Ok, so I admit the problems lays with my gibbon like appearance (that reminds me I am low on bananas) rather than my gleaming new TaylorMade R9. I persevered and after little while I did feel that I was connecting with the R9 460 and was actually hitting some greater distances. After more experimentation particularly with more grip I felt more in control of the club and actually started to improve accuracy and hit the fairway more often. My confidence was building with every shot now, my distance was increasing some 10 to 20 yards on every drive but I need more to justify the $300 price tag.

As perseverance is my middle name, well actually its not my middle name is Michael, I decide to invite a pal for a game at the local green. Robert saw my new TaylorMade R9 460 and as I was not having too much success I let him have a go. Now Rob is lankier than I at 6’1″ and I have not thought him a distance hitter, however, his first shot with the R9 460 landed him 300 yards or more. Needless to say he was so excited by my new R9 club that he insisted on using it for the rest of our round. Robs game had improved from the moment he picked up the TaylorMade R9 460. Even he was amazed at how his shots were not only gaining him distance but he was shaving some strokes too.

So what could it be about the TayloryMade R9 460 that instantly improved Roberts game. Maybe it is the Inverted Cone Technology or the 460cc face that is much more forgiving when it comes to miss-hitting or may be it could be the Flight Control Technology and adjustable hosel which is able to compensate up to 40 yards of side to side fade or draw. Other features of this stick could also have been responsible for Robs improved game such as the perimeter weighting adjustability, this alter the MOI of the club providing the player with greater flexibility in carry and loft. Or when all is said and done it could be that the R9 is a beautifully made and well designed driver. The Taylor Made R9 460 gives the player the option to play as if was a common all garden club, however, also gives the player the option to experiment. For my mate Rob the R9 was a revelation and it is on his next letter to Santa but for me? may be I’ll take up knitting.

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