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Taylormade Burner Irons Golf Equipment Taylor Made 2009 Burner Irons

Nine Individual Irons all With Its Own Mission.

raised COR, also high MOI and progressive offset for prolonged, straighter shots.

Exceptionally simple to launch, especially the long-irons.
Advanced Multi Functional sole technology, progressively thicker toplines.

Sophisticated cavity badge gives super soft feel and sound.

Dramatically improved SuperFast Technology distinguishes distance gaps between long and middle irons. Every one of the irons were individually designed and engineered to help increase distance control and accuracy.

3-4 irons – long and Easy to hit
5-7 irons – accurate and very consisting trajectory
8-LW – responsive, simple to control

Taylormade patented Inverted Cone Technology increases the irons ball speed on uneven hits, creating consistent distance from shot to shot. The Taylormade burner irons 2009 multi functional sole creates a low Center of Gravity position while slowing down turf drag and prolong the exceptional playability of a thin sole. Along with a multi material cavity badge that dampers vibration, the Burner irons will give you the feeling of an oversize irons but the feel of a players club.

Taylormade burner irons are amazing irons to own. I would give advice to a friend to buy of these irons. Thank you for looking at my posting on Taylormade burner irons 2009.

The club head is stretched in sized by expanding the perimeter which increases the moment of inertia to a promoted level than any previous TaylorMade iron.

The offset of the sole was increased a bit in order to make it easier to square the club face during contact. Also, the width of the sole was increased to lower the center of gravity of the club face.

A new technology, labeled SuperFast Technology was created and incorporated into the new TaylorMade Burner 2009 Irons. SuperFast Technology incorporates a higher coefficient of restitution(COR), elevated moment-of-inertia(MOI), and progressive(longer, lighter) shaft length, likeable(lighter) grips, and larger, more forgiving club faces. Put all this and the end result is greater ball speed and ease as you progress through the round.

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