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Sonocaddie V300- Awesome Golf GPS Unit!

Struggle to work out your yardages? Don’t know whether to take a 9 iron of pitching wedge? If you answered yes to these questions, then it’s time you got the Sonocaddie V300 GPS. The Sonocaddie will quickly and accurately plot your position on the course using advanced GPS technology and along with it’s many other great features and stylish design you’ll be the envy of the clubhouse!

How many times have you tried to carry that bunker, only to land in the sand? To work out distances most golfers tend to use the fairway markers and other points of reference.

If your serious about improving your game and getting those scores down, you’ll be amazed at the difference the Sonocaddie V300 will make. Golf GPS Technology has improved hugely over the last fews years and the Sonocaddie V300 is one of the market leaders.

The Sonocaddie as your virtual caddie, it has a patented colour screen, a user friendly interface and sleek design, it will guide you safely around the course and help you lower that handicap!

With some of the most advanced GPS technology around the Sonocaddie V300 is one of the reliable and accurate golf gps devices on the market. It will calculate the distance to the green or any other target from any point on the course, enabling you to swing with confidence.

The Sonocaddie V300’s Distance Calculator allows you measure the distance of your last shot, so if you’ve ever wondered how far you can drive the ball this is the feature for you.

The Digital Scorecard keeps track of your score with ease and it will also give you a game analysis, showing the most crucial stats.

These are just a couple of the Sonocaddie V300’s amazing features, so if you would like learn more about how the Sonocaddie V300 can help your game, then please take a minute to visit GolfGPSCaddy|

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