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Do You Know The Basic Putting Stroke?

Many golfers know that improving your putting stroke is one of the quickest and easiest ways to lower your handicap. Unfortunately, most of us don’t put the time in practicing putting like we do with most other types of shots. This is understandable because it just isn’t as exciting to putt as it is to drive the ball 250 yards, but when it comes time to actually play a round, the lack of practice on the green can show up in hurry. I would not recommend you stop practicing any kind of shot, but simply giving putting some time will benefit most golfers more than anything else can. It s a simple matter of math. We take more putts on an average round than any other type of shot, so it serves to reason that the putter is the key to a lower score.

You might be wondering how to practice the right putting stroke when there are two schools of thought on putting. Some say to swing the putter like a pendulum, straight back, and straight forward. Others say a putting stroke should look like a shorter version of any other stroke. This means the putter would follow an arc as it comes back and follows through.

I wouldn’t to say either method is right or wrong. I believe that, in putting, whatever works for you is what you should stick to. Your putting stroke might not look like anyone else’s, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even the professionals vary quite substantially in how their putting stroke works. Having said that, I’ll elaborate on each of the putting strokes mentioned above because these are the two mainstays, and starting with a strong foundation is key.

If you think that having a more basic putting stroke like a pendulum sounds good, by all means use that technique. I find this method appealing for its simplicity. While practicing you should make sure your shoulders are square, and you’re lined up properly. You should try to place your eyes directly above the ball. Having the proper putter is key here as well. When using this method you should consider a mallet style putter, or a peripherally weighted putter. These both provide additional stability.

The arced method of putting stroke can be considered more advanced. It will probably require more practice to perfect, but once perfected, I believe it is more dependable because it follows the natural movement of the body. Using this style will warrant the proper putter as well. When employing this technique a blade style putter is the best option.

Using these basic techniques you can now get out on the practice green and start getting better. Before you know it you will have knocked 5 strokes of your game!

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