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Eliminate 3 Putts And Improve Your Overall Golfing Score

One of the worst problems golfers have today is the dreaded 3-putt or even sometimes the 4-putt. Do you have this problem? Do you practice putting frequently to try to improve but it doesn’t do any good? You just fall back into your old habits and have five or six 3 putt greens.

I’m a senior golfer – I’ve been playing the game a long time. Now I realize I can’t hit the ball as far as I used to. My golf score has gone up as a result. I feel I can still improve my overall score if I can just figure out how to avoid 3-putting. You don’t have to be big, strong, and twenty-five years old to putt well.

Let’s take a recent example. I played a round a couple of weeks ago. I felt pretty good. I hit a nice drive “right down the middle” on the par 5 first hole. My next shot, a 3 wood was long and straight.

I hit a nice approach shot to the green. I was about 25 feet from the hole. I was thinking – good start – I’ve got a chance for a birdie.

You can guess what happened next? I thought the green was slow and downhill so I hit it softly. I was still four feet short. I hit the next one too hard; two feet past the hole. I then tapped in for a bogey after that great start. This was frustrating – it happens to me too often. After a great start, I blew it. It took me three shots to go 535 yards and three more shots to go 25 feet!!!

I’ve had problems putting for several years. I can’t seem to get any consistency. I leave putts short, putt past the hole, and often have trouble reading the green.

Since you are reading this, I’m sure you are also having putting problems. I think I’ve discovered the answer. I found a resource discusses the Ultimate Putting System. Scott Myers is called “The Putting Secret” Guy. He has several tips on the site to improve putting. He covers issues like the best stroke, getting the proper distance, getting better accuracy, and reading greens. This is a putting guide that was written for you and me.

I wasn’t happy about spending money for a guide on putting. I did not want to take advice from just anyone. After studying Scott’s website, I became convinced that he could help me eliminate 3 Putts. He provides three excellent bonuses and a 60 guarantee. In addition, the guide featured on his website is not expensive.

I suggest you consider purchasing Scott’s guide. I think it’s worth it.

My name is Jack Reece and I’m convinced that you can improve your putting and eliminate your 3-Putts. In doing this, you’ll automatically improve your overall golf score dramatically. You need to purchase this excellent putting guide. Learn more.

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