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Putting Instruction Made Simple

If you are a golfer you are always looking for the quickest way to lower our score, and many of us realize that the putting green is a great place to start. Since putting accounts for more strokes than any other golf shot, it makes sense that getting putting instruction will improve your score the quickest. The thing about putting is that many, even most, golfers spend little to no time practicing putting! There are a few reasons for this. Some simply find it a boring thing to practice. easy compared to other types of shots, so why focus on it?

I understand all of these reasons, but I’m here to tell you that putting can be a lot of fun, and it might be the hardest (and most important) stroke to learn. As far as putting instruction goes, I’ll give you some pointers in this article that will get you on your way to a solid putting stroke, and will give you a basis for practice. It all starts with your basic form, so lets take a look.

There is generally two types of putting strokes. The most common might be the pendulum style where the putter moves straight back away from the ball, and straight forward in the follow through. This can be a great way to go because it gives you a solid definition of how the putter should move. It is easy to see if you are doing it correctly. When using this style of putting it is important to use the proper putter, and that might mean a mallet style putter for more stability. When you take your stroke, you should try to make the wrists, arms and shoulders move as one unit. Your eyes should be directly above the ball. This will give you a great start to go practice, and improve your putting.

Alternately, the other type of putting instruction calls for a more arced stroke. This is similar to a small version of a typical swing with an iron. As you bring the putter back it should rotate slightly, and move inside. As you follow through, the putter should rotate the other way and again come inside slightly. This is probably considered a more advanced style, and it might be harder to master. The nice thing about this style is that once you master it, it tends to be more reliable because it follows the natural way your body wants to move. Again your eyes should be directly above the ball.

I would suggest using the latter style of putting unless you simply feel more comfortable with the pendulum style. I’m not someone who believes one is better than the other. Putting is something that can be very unique with each individual, and either of these techniques will get you rolling in the right direction. Use the one that works for you!

So there you go. Some simple putting instruction to get you going on the practice green. If you are willing to put some time in, you will see results on your scorecard quickly.

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