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Putting Basics: This Is A Score Saver!

Are you looking for a quick way to lower your score? We all are! It can be so frustrating to get out on the course with your buddies, but always come out behind by 5 or 10 strokes. Competition is always a good motivation to get better! I know it is for me. So, if you are planning to hit the links this weekend with some pals, might I suggest getting your putting on track with some putting basics?

The reason I suggest putting basics is because putting is the easiest, and quickest way to lower your score. Why? Because putting accounts for more than 45% of your total strokes in an average round. This means that putting leaves the most room for improvement.

Here is a question for you. How often do you practice your putting? Not very often? Hey, we are all guilty of neglecting our putting. I mean it just isn’t as exciting as driving the ball 250 yards. If you really want to lower your score, you will put the time in on the practice green. It will amaze you how much improvement you will see will a lot less effort than you have been putting in with your driver. Considering the importance of putting, your score will show that much more improvement as well!

So what are the putting basics? Well it is all about getting the physical fundamentals down, and then expanding from there. Basically you want to keep your eyes directly over the ball when you make a putt. Your arms, shoulders, and wrists should move as one unit. When you take your back swing, you should rotate the club slightly and bring it to the inside. Just like with any other club. Same thing on the follow through. Make sure you check your alignment to your target as well.

So now you have the putting basics down for the physical part, but what about the mental part? The mental part is just as important. You should develop a pre-putt routine that can give you the same mental state before each putt. If you can achieve a calm, confident state of mind before each putt, you will do great! Your pre-putt routine can consist of anything you want, but it must include the following: read the green, picture the putt. These two parts of your pre-putt routine are crucial. Picturing the perfect putt will get you 80% of the way to actually performing that putt!

So there you go. Putting basics that you can work on between now and your next round. Even if your next round is tomorrow, if you implement some putting basics, your score will show it.

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