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The Best Golfers Could Gain Something From Taking On A Caddy

Having your own golf caddy my seem extravagant if you are only an amateur player but this is not always the case and there may be a good reason for getting your own.

A large part of it for some golfers is seeing what a professional has. It is easy to make the assumption that if you get your own caddy then your golf game will get much better. This is far from true though and may even set you back. Most modern courses have transport around the course so it is fairly easy for all players to carry their gear around. But if you have got to a good level then it may be one less distraction.

Of course, an excellent caddy can do more than carry clubs. A professional caddy, of the best requirements, will advise of clubs, learn greens and help the golfer’s wants, but let’s be clear- you won’t get this from the young, inexperienced sorts at your local course.
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When May I Want A Caddy?

Let’s take a look at a choice of situations where a caddy may be beneficial.

When Taking Part In A Competition

If, for example, you’re taking part in a newbie competition, or a charity tournament, it might be worth getting a caddy, because it’ll help to keep your mind on the competition. As you reach greater standards of competition, you’ll find more players utilizing caddies, and the next level of caddy talent on display.

At A Time When You Are Recovering From Injury

When you are taking your first steps again on to the golf course after an injury, whether golf related or not, it could be helpful to have somebody to help out, if carrying heavy objects or stretching is slightly uncomfortable. You may want a caddy to help with any lifting or stretching.
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When Carts and Buggies Are Against Course Rules

Some clubs and courses don’t enable golf carts or buggies, so it may show to be useful to have a caddy, particularly if you’re used to using these trendy conveniences. It may come as a shock to the system, when you aren’t used to the extra exercise.

When You’re Taking part in A New Course

If you can get a talented caddy, you could find some helpful suggestions and methods will be gained, when hitting a new course for the initial time. Getting an excellent understanding of distances, hazards and green readings may speed up your learning.

When You Turn Pro

If you manage to get to the incredible level of a golf professional then a caddy makes absolute sense, but before this point you might like to concentrate on other aspects of your game. When you are getting paid for playing then a caddy is a luxury that you will want but before that it might be a stretch to justify.

When you have got to the stage and you are trying to find a caddy you should try and get somebody who sees it as something long term. A youth who wants some extra change might come cheaper but they will probably not be very beneficial to your game and lack the understanding of a proper caddy. This is definitely something to consider when you have hit the heights of the pro game.
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