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Pre Golf Stretching – A Simple Way To Increase Your Distance

A perfect way to keep your golf game on par all year round is free, easy, and any golfer can do it. And that way is to keep your body flexible by having a solid pre golf stretchingpre golf stretching routine. A golfer’s body experiences lots of twists and turns during the golf swing, so a proper routine is a must to keep away from injury. You wouldn’t pretend to be Happy Gilmore with your brand new $500 driver so why not take complete care of your body. Besides, that new driver is useless to you if you can’t get out of bed due to back spasms.

Many professional golfers consider their $LINK2%pre golf stretching the very least they can do to prepare for a round. If you have ever done any type of stretching before, then those stretches can be applied to your routine on the course. Yes, even those stretches we all learned in elementary school gym class will work.

Remember to warm up your body before you start stretching. Muscles that are properly warmed up are easier to stretch, and your stretching routine is more effective on muscles that are loose. To loosen up before you start stretching, take a brisk walk through the parking lot of your local club or course.

Here are some fundamental stretches for your upper and lower body:

1) Upper Chest Stretch
Standing with your feet about shoulder’s width apart, grasps your hands behind your back and raise your arms as far as you comfortably can. Hold this position for a ten second count and then repeat. Repeat a couple of times until loose.

2) Forward and Back Arm Stretch
Again, start with your feet shoulder’s width apart. Slightly bend forward, extend your left arm to front, right arm to rear. Hold both arms at shoulder height for a ten count and repeat five times. After completed switch arms and repeat five more times.

3) Shoulder and Arm Stretch
Find a ledge or stationary bar, placing both hands palms down, shoulders width apart on it. Bend your knees slightly, allowing upper body to drop down. Come into the stretch at your own comfort level: either drop down further to increase or remain where you are if you feel an adequate stretch. Hold for ten seconds, repeat five times.

4) Back Stretch
While sitting on the ground cross your right leg over your left proceed to stretch to your right pressing your left elbow against your right knee. Hold for ten seconds and then switch legs.

5) Shoulder Stretch
Raise your right arm to shoulder height then bring it across your body to your left shoulder. Bend your elbow to ninety degrees then with your left hand grab hold of your right elbow and apply gentile tension for ten seconds. Switch arms and repeat.

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