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What Clubs Does Phil Mickelson Use?

Phil Mickelson, nicknamed lefty for his left handed swing, is one of the greatest golfers to live. He’s an American Professional Golfer and has won four Major Championships. Mickelson got his third Green Jacket last year 2010 on April 10. Phil is sponsored by Callaway Golf therefore uses Callaway Golf Clubs and as a pro Golfer Mickelson needs to have access to the best of the best. On some of these clubs Phil has worked with Callaway Engineers to make the golfclubs the way he wants. For example one of the reasons Phil choose to go with the Callaway FT-9 Driver in the recent 2010 season was because he worked by Engineers at Callaway and produced the FT-9 club which helped cure his left swing. In this lens we are going to take a look at what’s in Phil’s bag as well as provide you links to his golf clubs of choice.

The Driver One of the most important clubs in the market. If you don’t have a good driver then you don’t have a good golf game.

This Driver has had amazing reviews throughout the game. And Phil Mickelson’s Choice to combat his left shot he gets into in the stretch. It’s a must have for people who want a great and reliable club.

These Fairway Woods are some of the most game changing clubs out on the market. These clubs have the highest MOI of Callaway Fairway’s increasing the forgiveness dramatically.

With the newest technology and highest specs of Callaway’s Fairways these golf clubs are a must have for the player who has trouble with Fairways and needs some forgiveness.

In my opinion irons are the second most important club behind the driver. Once your out on the fairway you need a set of irons that you know are fabulous and can do the job well. These limited edition irons are the best of the best!

The X-Muscle back design provides consistent trajectories and maximum playability in a blade design. These clubs aren’t the most forgiving if you have a bad shot out the toe, but you can really destroy one with these. These clubs are a must have for the player who wants to improve their distance and control with their irons.

I like to think of wedges as the eraser of the golf game. You hit a ball into the sand, what do you grab, not an iron, not a driver, but a sand wedge. Now think do you want an eraser that is old and warn out and doesn’t do the job? No you want a new amazing wedge that can get you out of any problem. Here’s what Callaway has to say about there X Series JAWS Wedges.

These clubs utilize the Mack Daddy (R) Grooves. These grooves provide maximum shot-stopping spin and control. These wedges are a must for the player who wants to have more control over the ball when using their wedges.

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