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Golf Instruction And My Way

I have searched from head to foot and low for a first-rate golf teacher and no luck! I have taken lessons on line, at clubs, from friends with low handicaps and still haven’t found a good quality one. I would go pay fifty dollars or further and have the kid tell me what I was “doing wrong” but I have yet to discover someone to help me do what is correct. Why is it that when you take a lesson some place they continuously tell you what your doing wrong but never seem to give you a solid plan to go onward? I would worship to find a excellent pro that did Online Golf Instruction that could ask me what I was doing and what I wanted to get out of a golf lesson. I have found such a Pro and I’m going to advise you why in just 4 weeks he was able to spin my golf swing from one place to another with Online Golf Instruction. First he asked what I wanted to get done with my golf game. How can you know how to go onward without a direction? You can’t. When you get in your car to go somewhere you have a destination you have an address. In my case the GPS tells me what way to go and what way to turn and I follow because I have confidence that it knows what it’s talking about. GPS is nothing with out me typing in a destination and I feel that golf instruction is the same way if you don’t recognize what your looking to do you’ll have a hard time getting there.

The subsequently point was that he asked me what additional sports I had played in the past and at what level. He also did a short flexibility cross-examine. After that I was asked if I had any physical boundaries. I didn’t but what if I only had one arm or had a bad back. Wouldn’t you think that that should be taken into consideration? How can you ask someone to do something physical without knowing his or her physical ability? This should hold true with all instruction not just Online Golf Instruction.

Finally I was asked to communicate the high-quality parts of my game and the terrible parts of my game and what my goals were as it connected to golf. If my driver was the best club in my bag and he asked me to do the lesson with my driver that wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense would it? What I am getting at is so many instructors assume what a person wants from them. I say ask. Ask questions first make a plan of action and follow through. Take the time to figure out what kind of ball flight they have and give them information that they can use to fix the problem. If more instructors would take these steps there wouldn’t be such a stigma against taking golf coaching.

Golf And You

When you compare an average Turlock golfer who takes instruction (in this case, we’ll called him “JOE”) to a Tour player (let’s call him “PRO”), you notice big differences in each golf swing. For example, the PRO can achieve certain swing positions because he’s more flexible and has stronger golf muscles than JOE. In fact, physical limitations often prevent JOE from reaching the same positions as the PRO, making it critical for him to make certain adjustments to his technique in order to still strike the ball solidly without hurting himself.

What I’m saying is that if you’re an average Modesto Golf Instruction taker player, trying to copy the exact moves of a Tour player is going to make you worse. But that doesn’t mean, by any stretch, that you can’t have a sound swing and be a good ballstriker and scorer.

PROs Tend To Be Neutral At Address; JOEs Can’t Be
JOE needs to start building an inside path to the ball at setup. His right shoulder should be lower than the left and pulled back to produce a slightly closed alignment in relationship to his feet. This tilts his upper body away from the target, making it easier to turn properly and avoid the dreaded reverse pivot. Flaring both feet slightly makes it easier to rotate.

The PRO wants to restrict early rotation of his body and an excessively inside attack. His feet are more perpendicular to the target line, with his body more “stacked” and neutral.

The Difference In The Backswing Is All About The Pivot
In order for JOE to achieve enough shoulder turn, his hips have to participate from the beginning. The adjustments to the address position help, but free-turning hips are the key to JOE getting to the top properly. The sharper turn of his hips negates any lateral movement away from the target with his lower body. When combined with the slight tilt at address, his upper body moves to the right as it rotates, making it much easier to attack the ball from the inside.

The PRO limits the rotation of his lower body at address and continues to do so by moving laterally during the takeaway. This slows down the turn of his hips, making it easier to swing the club up in front of his body.

The PRO’s pivot keeps his shoulders steeper going back, preventing the club from swinging around his body excessively during the swing. It also promotes a more dynamic change of direction and greater power.

At BYSA I see this all the time. Online Golf Instruction will not help if you don’t get the right guy to look at you that will take what you have and work with that. The whole point is that we all can’t be PRO’s but we can take what is good about what they do and make it our own you just need the right guy looking at you to pick what to try in your swing given your flexibility and your goals.