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Nike VR STR8-FIT Tour Driver Review

Nike’s Victory Red clubs epitomize the very best in performance and quality demanded by the world’s best player. Nike’s latest addition to the hugely successful VR range, is the VR STR8-FIT Tour Driver.

The VR Tour is the ideal blend technology and aesthetics. The Nike VR STR8-FIT Tour Driver delivers a low spin rate and therefore more penetrating ball flight combined with a refined and classic appearance. The new Compression Channel combined with the high moment of inertia, means you won’t lose any yardage with off centre hits. Allowing you to shape the ball a little easier, by altering the loft and lie with 32 different positions is the true value of this driver.

Nike has designed the VR STR8-FIT Tour with a 440cc head, which is also a more traditional ‘pear’ shape. Once you have a hit a few balls with this club, you won’t even notice that it has a slightly smaller head than Nike’s previous drivers. The classic but still contemporary red, black and ‘chrome’ styling of this driver follows on from the others in the VR range. One of the most noticeable things about the head of this driver is a red hollow channel on the sole, this is called the Compression Channel. The power of this club comes from the compression Channel. It acts like a trampoline and ’springs’ the ball forward once the channel compresses. If the Compression Channel powers the driver, then the steering is the STR8-FIT technology. With 15 fade, 15 draw and 2 neutral setups, there are a total of 32 different positions to achieve the shot you want. Fade the ball by opening the face, close the the face and watch the ball draw. All 32 positions lie between 2 degrees open and 2 degrees closed. The Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Tour Driver enables the golfer a chance to play with the same quality clubs that the pro’s use.

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