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Nike Victory Red Pro Combo Irons Review.

Ever noticed what clubs the world’s top players carry in their bag? If the answer’s NO, then take a close look next time, especially at the irons. You’ll find that more than a few use a combination of Cavity Back and Muscle Back irons. Generally speaking, the short irons and wedges will be blades, with the longer irons being full cavity backs. If it’s good enough for the Pros, then it’s good enough for you~If the Pros are doing it, then it’s got to be the way forward.

With this a forethought Nike have produced their Nike VR Pro Combo Irons. This set of irons progressively moves from Pocket Back 3 and 4 irons, to Split Cavity 5,6, and 7, then 8,9,PW are full Blades. This system is designed to give golfers more consistency from off centre hits and a higher trajectory with the long irons, while the Split Backs provide enhanced workability and control and finally the Blades offer the ultimate in feel and accuracy.

Nike’s Centre of Gravity Mapping System has been used to precisely adjust the centre of gravity of each club. By moving the centre of gravity in each club throughout the VR Pro Combo set, Nike has achieved the optimal launch trajectory and distance control.

The Nike Victory Red Pro Combos are forged from 1025 stainless steel using a new high precision forging process. To achieve a perfectly level finish the club face is then machined and then the grooves are die-stamped onto the face to eliminate variance between the clubs.

Nike have introduced their new x3x High Frequency grooves, to conform with the new rules regarding grooves. This new design has more grooves that are deeper and closer together than previous Nike clubs, which provides a more consistent ball flight, a cleaner hit and even more spin, while still conforming to the USGA an R&A rules.

The Nike VR Pro Combo Irons come with the famous, ever popular True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts.

To produce the VR Pro Combos Nike have not only used the latest in technology and innovation, but they have also clearly given long thought to the styling of them too. With Nike’s VR emblem and chrome finish, these irons really are beautifully designed.

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