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Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver Review

Nike is one of, if not the largest sports brand on the planet, but only relatively new to golf. By sponsoring some of the top players in the world and making huge investments in design and technology, Nike continue to gain a stronger foothold in the sector.

The Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver is Nike’s latest and greatest offering in the ever advancing world of golf drivers. By pushing the boundaries of technology, this stealthy looking driver produces consistent distance and control.

The new SQ Machspeed Driver provides extra forgiveness, plus a lower ball flight and less spin for greater distance, by having a taller face that tapers more acutely than the previous version. The Nike SQ Machspeed Black is all about maximising distance off the tee. Nike have squeezed every last ounce of club head speed out of this driver using the dark art of aerodynamics, and as you know more club head speed means more yards.

The STR8-FIT Technology from Nike, lets you adjust the angle of the clubhead. As the name suggests there are 8 positions, from 2 degrees open to 2 degrees closed. By simply altering the club head angle, this system enables you to counter a hook or slice.

The square version has been designed for golfers looking for forgiveness and stability, while the round model is aimed at the more experienced player, demanding more workability and shot shaping. Both models have a stylish black design and a 460cc titanium head club head. Named after the Japanese word for blizzard, the famous ‘Fubuki’ graphite shafts deliver tour level quality, distance and control to every Nike SQ Machspeed Driver.

Hole after hole, you’ll out drive your friends with this amazing driver and it’ll look great in the bag.All golfers can improve their game with the new Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver, it features Nike’s most cutting edge technology and two different models.

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