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Bushnell Golf PinSeeker 1600 Tournament Edition Laser Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Golf PinSeeker 1600 Tournament Edition laser rangefinder is a very high quality product. It’s designed with the competing golfer in mind. This device has a wide range, measuring distances from 5 to 1600 yards within an amazing +/- 1 yard. In 2006 the USGA allowed the use of rangefinders for competitions as long as the device cannot calculate anything but distance. The Tournament Edition is designed to fit that criteria precisely. The rangefinder is 100% waterproof with Bushnell’s RainGuard coating and can even float. It weighs only 10 ounces and has a 7x magnification lens.

It’s PinSeeker mode allows easy acquisition of the flag without getting distances to background targets like trees. Once it locks onto the flag, a circle surrounds the flag indicator on the display. The rangefinder uses invisible, eye safe pulses to produce instant and accurate readings. When targeting for distance, keep in mind that the color, surface finish and size of the object will affect readings and range. The brighter the color, the longer the range. You can also use the Scan mode which allows you to pan around the area while the LCD is updated in real time.

Bushnell PinSeeker 1600 TE product specifications:

The ultimate rangefinder for tournament play and avid golfers
Ranges 5 – 1600 yards/meters; 400 yards to flag
+/- 1 yard accuracy
7x magnification
9-volt battery and premium carry case included
No reflective prism required
100% waterproof w/ Rainguard HD
IPX7 waterproof standard

The reviews I found for the Bushnell Golf PinSeeker 1600 Tournament Edition laser range finder were exceptional. Over and over the reviewers state that this is the best product that they have put in their bag. One of the most cited improvements was to the speed of the rangefinder. It locks onto the flag and other targets so quickly that it hardly slows down their game. It’s been said that it locks in on the target much quicker than the previous version of the same product.

Several of the reviewers say that in the past they’ve had to locate sprinkler heads or yardage markers and pace off the distance to get a rough idea of how far out they were. By using this they eliminated this process and it drastically sped up their game. One reviewer, who is a single digit golfer, said that this has caused him to change clubs on many different occasions and he’s much closer on his approach shots thanks to this product.

Another great benefit is that you don’t have to pay any additional annual fees for updates, it doesn’t require you to download updates to the device before you head out to the course and it even works on driving ranges.

With previous versions, there were several complaints about the battery life. But it appears that they have fixed these issues by moving to a 9 volt battery. Bushnell states that you should get about 5,000 distances before having to change out the battery.

There were only a few complaints with this device. The biggest complaint was about the size of the unit and it’s carrying case. It’s just a little too big to fit comfortably in a pocket. Some users ended up getting a camera case instead. It would be nice if the case had a belt clip, which would make it much easier to carry around.

The final complaint that I found was the price. It is a little more expensive than some of the models available. However, after reading the reviews, hearing about the results of numerous users, it clearly is well worth the money.

It’s an excellent product, locks on extremely fast, and clearly makes a difference on the course. If you want something that will impact your score the most, then the Bushnell Golf PinSeeker 1600 is the product for you.

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