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Knock Off Golf Clubs Are Not All The Same

There is certainly quite a bit of misunderstanding related to knockoff golf clubs, and also the phrase “knockoff” even has a number of distinctly different definitions. Per our examination, the biggest factor with knockoff clubs will be where you get them – i.e. whether it is from some chap in the parking lot, or on the flip side of the coin, from a superior-quality clone golf club dealer that guarantees their clubs and verifies their source and quality.

The term “knockoff golf clubs” can refer to what is usually called clones, or in some usages it will refer to the unlawful copies that claim to be the genuine club, but in reality are not. What we will be referring to here are the clone version of clubs.

The obvious allure of knock off golf clubs is the very fact that they’re extremely comparable in plan as well as quality to the premium expensive clubs, but sell for generally about 30% of the price. For example, a usual charge for a titanium brand name driver is in the $400-$500 range, whereas a knockoff variety will be at around the $120-$150 range.

While shafts and grips are identical, the disparity between knockoff and original lies in the club head. And in order to be lawful, club heads must be what is considered “distinct and different” so as never to violate patents.

But what many do not realize is that many knockoff golf club heads are made at the very same foundries as the high-priced golf club heads. When you go with a good business, you then can make certain that you will get the exact same stainless-steel or titanium as the big brand names, as well as the same weight specifications.

Amongst knock off golf club manufacturers, there are major quality differences. This is exactly where your due diligence will come into play. With the web, you are now able to not just shop for high priced golf clubs, but among the clone golf club retailers also. You will see that there are several trustworthy knockoff golf club businesses available, and there are a few bottom feeders also.

The one thing you aren’t getting with knockoff golf clubs is a brand name, and the high cost that comes along with it. So it really is most certainly doable to get a very excellent no-name golf club which is much like but “distinct and different” enough at the very same time.

Some people actually feel like they play better when they spend a lot of cash on their clubs. For them, along with those that like the concept of a brand-name, they can pay $500 for a driver. Who knows, psychologically it probably does help them play better. For others who do not have this consideration, quality knockoff golf clubs will be a great option.

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