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Golfing Hint – Buying A Fitting Golfing Present

The wonderful problem round buying golfing gifts for someone is that everything involved with the game is very personal. Good players will already have most of their clubs and a preferred type of ball to play with. And merely matching the brand won’t do – a preferred type of ball could be very precise – it is not just the brand but also the make within that brand.

So, what do you do for that special gift? Well, think of general tips. Gifts let’s say golf t-shirts might go down a treat. Not only are they good for use on the course, but also if they aren’t the perfect item they might still be used off the course.

Or, do you want something a bit different? Then take a look at an electronic golf scorer. This really is a novelty item that unless the golfer really does like walking round with a pencil behind their ear, most players would like and find useful. It is maybe also the sort of item that the average golfer may not buy for themselves and this is what I always think makes a good current – buying a gift that is useful but not something you would splash out on.

If you are looking for something cheaper, then a ball marker might always come in handy. Now several people refer to pens that you can mark your ball with as a ball marker, but more commonly and the equipment I mean, is the little disc that you place on the green to mark your ball whilst you pick it up and clean the ball. You could also find these in little sets with extra tools let’s say spike cleaners and divot repair tools to add a little more to the package.

If you golfer friend is open to a bit of a joke, then a suitable golfing gift might just be the flashing golf ball! This ball, when hit, flashes to allow you to find it better when possibly its flight has gone a little astray and it has landed in the rough. Not exactly a cheap ball, but as long as it is not splashed straight into a water hazard, then it should be loads more difficult to lose in a round of golf. And there should be no argument as to who the ball belongs to! I love this idea and have played with the same make on a normal ball loads of times.

Lastly, if you are really stuck and know that a golfing gift will go down a treat, then only buy your friendly golfer a few gift vouchers for any of the major golf shops. There are heaps to select from and they allow the recipient to buy anything they want, from an item of clothing to even putting towards that new club that they have been looking at in all of the latest golf magazines.

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