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Planning Some Fitting Lodging For The Forthcoming Women’s British Golf Open In Southport

The Ricoh Women’s Open is coming to Royal Birkdale this summer, following in the footsteps of the British Open a few of years ago. For those who visited last year’s Women’s Open just down the road in Royal Lytham, you might already recognize the region. But for those who don’t, and those that perhaps do but aren’t sure where to stay, here is a list of accommodation in the vicinity.

All of these hotels are bookable online using our suggested links. Best of all, by using that site you don’t have to shell out yet. A credit card number reserves your request and with many of the hotels you only pay on departure. Superb if you decide not to bother.

First, there is the Premier Inn down at Ocean Plaza. About its car park there are a few restaurants, catering for Oriental, Italian, American and further cuisines. There is also a cinema for the evenings and a big sports shop and gym. It is certainly worth a look at this hotel if you are heading towards the area. A short taxi ride will get you to Royal Birkdale or it isn’t too remote from the local bus routes. If you are as dim as me, I’d walk it. But not advised unless you are especially fit!

There is also an alternative Premier Inn on the road into Ormskirk, but it is further from the course and I wouldn’t advise this one for anyone depending on public transport. Driving to Royal Birkdale would be a requirement from here!

An additional choice for accommodation for the Ricoh Women’s Open when it comes to Birkdale is the Formby Hall Golf Resort. Yet again out of the way a little, but just a short drive down the Coastal Road to the course. Plus, for genuine golf fans, the option of a round or two themselves at the Formby Hall course.

Getting back into Southport centre, an alternative top preference for accommodation must be the brand new Ramada Plaza Southport. With no trouble walkable to the same eating venues as the initial Premier Inn and also very close to the key shopping quarter of Southport. This hotel is right next door to the newly refurbished Southport Theatre and Convention Centre and should have first-rate views over the Marine Lake and maybe even to Blackpool, if you face the sea.

If you are hunting for a truly upmarket hotel then look at Southport’s Vincent Hotel. Right in the centre of the town, this hotel occupies the spot of one of the town’s old cinemas, the last of the small cinemas to close in the town. This elegant 4* hotel has a gym and lots to offer visitors to the area intent on heading towards the Golf. Getting to Royal Birkdale to sample the Womens Open would be a simple taxi ride, effectively just down the one road (impossible to get lost if driving yourself???). This hotel should be something of an experience if you are in the area!

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Golf Tips For Nasty Swingers

Most golfers have difficulty executing a good golf swing. If you are one of those that belong to the 99.9% that makes nasty swings, I offer you some golf tips, as there are a number of possible reasons for this.

To help you remedy some of these problems, this article offers some golf tips for specific difficulties experienced by novice and average players.

However, what if you are playing a lot but cannot improve your strokes or hits? Take this golf tip, it is best for you to go back to the fundamentals of the sport. Most problems start from improper stance and grip. Identify the strokes that cause you the most problems and focus on improving those strokes. Check your tempo. A good golfer has proper coordination of the moving parts of the body. Speed and timing are also important factors for a good shot. See to it that you are not too anxious while hitting the ball. When you miss, then try again, this time relax yourself.

Once your stance, grip, and timing are corrected, you will see an improvement in your golf swing. In addition to the above, other factors need to be considered and corrected to improve your golf swing.

One of the scariest problems in golf is when the ball crazily turns to either the right or left. This is due to misalignment in the body and the swing plane. To alleviate this problem, do not stand to too close to the ball and shift your weight on your heels.

When hitting the ball, avoid swaying your body. Any unnecessary movements may result to incorrect shots. It is but natural to move your body during stroking, but minimize side-to-side movements. Keep your feet together while hitting the ball as this will minimize body movement.

Also, consciously shift your weight, trying to keep your weight in your heels. Keep a constant pace on hitting the ball, don’t decelerate as you make the down swing. Be wary of hitting the ground before the ball, this is called “fat shots” that may lead to injuries.

Do you have bad games because you often push or pull the ball? Then check the distance of the ball and your stance. Make sure that your body is parallel to the target line. For pulling shots, ensure your self of enough coils while making your back swing.

Avoid looking up while hitting the ball, again focus on your hit. See to it that you do not take your eyes away from the ball until it disappears after a shot. Do not be anxious as to where your ball will go. Many golfers say that this is their number one mistake.

Other golf tips are:

·Learn to relax your body, and always make a full turn. Do not swing at the ball, swing through it.

·Too steep a swing path may often smash you tees into the ground. Do not allow your hands to get far ahead of the club head when attempting to make a hit. Also, make your shallow swing constant and back swing, shallow.

The game of golf can be an enjoyable sport for the whole family. With a bit of practice and patience anyone can learn the game.

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