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Improve Your Putting To Break Eighty

The majority of amateur players will hit the driving range and spend countless hours refining their swing with the driver and golf irons but for what ever the reason will ignore the putter which is arguably the most important club in the bag. Most major PGA championships are not decided on the tee or in the middle of the fairway but what takes place on the putting green. Tiger Woods even starts his best selling book “How I Play Golf” focusing on ways to improve your putting. In this article I will explore how to improve your putting will have a major impact on your scorecard.

Putting does not get the respect it deserves especially when compared to a long drive or a accurate iron shot. Look at your last golf scorecard and it becomes easy to see how many strokes came from action on the green and not on the tee. If we could make all of those three putts into two and make those two putts go straight into the hole imagine the impact it would have on your scorecard. The best way to gain control over your scores is not that extra twenty yards off the tee but consistency on the golf green. Remember that two putting on every green adds up to thirty six strokes on the scorecard and could be the reason why your struggling to break eighty or even a hundred.

The professional golfer spends a ton of hours each week on refining their putting stroke and building confidence on the green. As a professional golfer they know that how well they perform on the green can determine how much money they make and whether or not they make the cut. For the amateur golfer who wants to gain control over their scorecard improving their putting is the surest bet and will make their golf game that much more enjoyable.

The majority of amateur golfers spend hour after hour attempting to make their golf swing as picture perfect as possible even though the club that is most important during their golf outing is the putter. Incorporate putting practice into your daily life by taking kids to the miniature golf facility or by setting up a simple putting course in your basement using glasses as holes. Remember that besides being able to read the green properly that maintaining a consistent putting stoke is just as important in the long run to improve your golf game.

Next time you head to your local golf practice facility make sure that your putter sees some daylight for as they like to say in the big leagues putting is where you earn your paycheck. Improve your putting and soon you will be breaking 100 or even 80 plus it will make you some cash off your friends during those friendly wagers.