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Golf Swing Fix – Modern Golf Swing

If you go nowhere with your golf swing fix, this article will help you. The golf swing is probably one of the most frustrating parts of the game of golf. People are constantly modifying their swing to get more distance or to correct problems like a slice or a hook. In reality, the golf swing is just putting your body motions together the right way to be consistent.

Swinging the golf club too hard is the most frequent mistake. A hard swing shows that you have power, but accuracy is the name of the game in golf. Expending very little effort should be your goal. When you hit the ball correctly, it feels smooth and easy.

It is important to relax when you swing. This will help you swing easily and will help to reduce your power. If you put your feet closer together, then you can further reduce the strength of your swing.

When you are about to make a contact with the ball, do not tense up. When you tense up, you will loose your balance. The club head should travel in a straight line to make the right contact with the ball.

Your center of gravity is also very important. Keep your center of gravity the same and your head will stay still. If you keep both of your feet in the same position throughout your swing, then your center of gravity will be stable.

To fix slicing, pay attention to how centered you can hit the ball with the club and how low the ball travels. Driving the ball too high gets it into the wind and can change its direction.

Use the only amount of power that you can control. Power is not the goal of the game, accuracy is. To hit the ball right and drive it where you want it to go, you want to control every facet of your swing.

The amount of power you put into the swing is not what helps with distance, the clean and correct way of doing it is. You want to keep the idea of power out of your head. Keeping your power under control so that you can be more accurate is what counts!

Doing the swing correctly takes years of practice as any professional can tell you. To learn to golf like a pro and advance with your golf swing fix, I recommend you get the Simple Golf Swing e-Book

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