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Discover An Effortless Golf Slice Cure

If you’re like most golfers today you have probably been looking around for a good golf slice cure for sometime. Slicing is a big part of the game of golf – in a BAD way! In fact, nearly 80% of amateur golfers have issues with slicing the ball. You’re not alone. However, with a bit of practice and the right knowledge you CAN become a golfer who no longer worries about slicing!

Why Do We Slice?

In its simplest form a slice occurs because the head of the golf club is not squared as it impacts the ball, but is rather open slightly. This happens due to several reasons mostly involving the swinging motion and, to a lesser extent, your grip on the golf club. The type of golf ball you play can also be a factor as well.

How Can I Fix My Slice?

With a bit of practice it can easily be accomplished. As I mentioned before a slice is primarily caused by your swing. Too many golfers swing the golf club too far to the inside of their bodies. What I mean by that is the golf club is not traveling vertically (up/down) enough, but rather is much too flat on a horizontal plane (think of a merry go round) around their bodies. You want the club to go much more up and down than around your body. The flatter the club travels the more chance the club head will be in an open position when you finally get the golf club back to the ball.

What Exactly Should I Practice?

Work on bringing the golf club straight back and up when you begin your backswing. This will help keep the club more vertical which will help minimize the chance of an open club face at impact.

A Tip for You!

Something that you can do that will also benefit you is switching the type of golf ball you play. Do not play tour balls or professional balls like Titleist Pro-V1’s. Save those for when your slice is a thing of the past! Also soft/low spin balls are a lot cheaper and will save you money. If you play a golf ball which is softer and has less spin you will notice less of a slice in the event of an open club face at impact. A good soft/low spin brand of balls are Noodle balls from Maxfli.

Finally ask yourself a couple of questions. You don’t really want to continue to suffer from poor shots and high scores do you? Wouldn’t you like to finally learn a golf slice cure that can have you shooting between 7 – 12 strokes better in as little as 2 weeks?

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