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Discover! How U Can Putt Just Like As Professional Golfer

Discover! How you can Putt Like as Professional Golfer. Here’s are Golf Putting Lessons from professional golfer.

Golf Putting Lessons From Professional Golfer

Adopt a stance with the ball nearer to your front foot and the putter face square with your target line. Hold the putter lightly, but try to keep your wrists firm. Allow your arms to hang down like a pendulum. Take a few practice swings to gauge the speed at which you’ll need to hit the ball. Now take the putter back smoothly, swinging from your shoulders.

From the top of your back-swing, bring the putter head down smoothly so that it arrives square to the target on impact. Hit “through” the ball, keeping your wrists firm and your head still.

Keep your legs stable through the stroke and maintain a slight flex in the knees. Watch the putter connect with the back of the ball. If you’ve hit it correctly, it should feel as though your rear hand is guiding the ball to the hole.

Practice your putting by keeping your head perfectly still, even after impact. Then listen for the sound of the ball dropping into the hole. This will help you to develop a smooth, reliable putting stroke.

Putting is what’s called a “feel” shot. It’s a discipline that requires skill and judgment, co-ordination and finesse. So next time you work on your game, put the driver down and head off to the practice green – it could save you a whole lot of strokes.

More Golf Putting Tips:

Choose your line. Try to envisage how the ball will get to the hole, accounting for any undulations in the putting surface. This is called “reading the green”. Don’t worry if you can’t pick the right line straight away – it will get easier the more you play.

Crouching down is a good idea as it gives you a better perspective on the slope of the green.

Hold on. Putting grips are a very individual issue, and can differ enormously from one player to the next. Remember, any grip that yields consistent results is a good grip.

Putting is an essential step in golf because it’ll help you finish what you’ve started. By mastering putting, you’re making full use of all your previous efforts. So work at it!

Putting Golf Lessons For You
Is putting merely a game of luck?

Not a chance. It may seem that there’s no real key to putting successfully. And granted, putting isn’t an exact science.

If you`re having putting problems, here several tips for you :

Tension. The more you relax your muscles during your putting, the more accurate your shots will be.

You make the game hard for yourself when you stiffen your muscles. The basis of good putting, as with all other shots, is absolute relaxation of the muscles. Fluid movement allows for perfect freedom and play. If you’re trying to brace yourself to keep your balance, you’re courting disaster.

When you’re putting well, your movement is free and your confidence high. The second you miss an easy putt, you become anxious and brace yourself to try more carefully. The more you brace yourself, the worse the tension in your body becomes.

Make your muscles go flabby and limp, loose and free. Pretend your muscles are jelly.

Tension kills good shots. When you furrow your brow and set your muscles in a rigid fashion, you lose the freedom necessary in successful puttingRelax your whole body as if you’re about to fall to the ground. (But stay standing!)

The extra bonus here is that as you use this method of relaxation and putt more successfully, your confidence will increase and you’ll be even more relaxed on the green. Loosening those muscles really is the magic bullet when it comes to putting!

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