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Ways To Enjoy Golf More

Although golf is game enjoyed by many, there are times when we wish the game was never invented. You can make those times less frequent by using a few of these suggestions.

1. Walk the golf course. Some suggest that walking is the only pure way to play the sport, but it can also improve your score. Walking gives you more opportunity to scan the layout of each hole and consider the best strategy for your next shot. By walking, you’ll also benefit by getting some exercise. And, if you regularly ride in a golf cart, you can save some cash on cart rental fees. With a little of the money you save, you can afford to buy yourself one of those new golf push carts.

2. Do not play the blue tees. Unless you are a 10 handicapper or lower, why bother making the game even harder than it has to be. If you are shooting in the 90s or 100s, it makes no sense to make the game any more difficult. Play the white tees and take some of the anxiety out of the equation.

3. Try playing different games. Instead of playing the same old match with your friends, compete in categories other than score. For example most fairways hit, least amount of 3 putts, or most 1 putts.

4. If it’s your honor, take it. You just birdied the hardest or even the easiest hole on the golf course, it’s your tee, you earned it, take it. Challenge yourself to get another one; you will be amazed how often you can have two birdies in a row if you are actually trying to get two birdies in a row.

5. Improve your position. When you are playing a leisure round of golf, there is no way you should be playing the strict rules of golf. If everyone played strictly by the rules, a round of golf all over the world would be at least 6 hours. Golfers would be returning to the tees all day after hitting there first ball out bounds, or looking for every lost ball for 5 minutes. So if we are bending the rules to save time, why not bend them for something you can actually benefit from. You should play winter rules all the time.

6. Lower your expectations. If you are an average golfer, if you’re lucky, you play twice a week. You don’t have time to practice as much as you should, on top of that. You can’t honestly think that your game is as good as it should be. Just enjoy the game itself, don’t beat yourself up when you’re not playing well. Everyone has bad days.

Take my advice, the game will be much more enjoyable if you play the white tees, give yourself a good lie, don’t play for the best score, play for the honor, be realistic about your expectations, and walk with a golf push cart.

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