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The Enduring Exploration As We Are Looking For The Perfect Golf Swing

I’ve spent scores of hours sitting in my favourite cafe watching people teeing off from a mixture of greens on the course it serves. There is a good view of people driving off up the first and an even better view of the drive from the 8th tee, which includes the view right down to the green. It is an tremendous way to spend a lazy lunchtime, watching other people playing the game I wish I could give more time to.

Now I am not going to declare to have the best or purest swing out there. It undoubtedly has room for development and wants a lot more consistency. But watching others take their tee shot, I can certainly spot the good swing from the bad swing before the ball is struck. More often than not the practice swings will show what sort of swing is coming up. Now and again, just the backswing will show the faults.

The thing is, I know if I could stand 20 feet away from myself and watch my swing I would be able to point out corrections. Now, this may not be on offer, but down on the driving range it is viable to get my wife to video my swing on the camera video phone. The very first time she did that for me I instantly corrected my swing and lost the worst of my slice in an instant. My swing, like many of the people I watch down in the cafe, was far too flat. By bringing the top of the backswing higher the path to the ball was corrected, the spin was lessened and the ball flew straighter.

Why is getting the basic swing correct so critical? Golf is a complicated game at the best of times. Striking at a static ball leaves fear in most people’s hearts. It should be easy, but look at the distance a goal keeper kicks a spot ball opposed to the distance of a dropped ball. We, as humans, find a moving ball easier to strike.

So when it comes to the time to hit the 1.68 inch golf ball with a hastily moving club head at the far end of a golf club, held at arm’s lenth, the odds are drastically against us. How often when you were beginning did you top and even just take a fresh air shot? Possibly more than you care to admit?

By reproducing an ‘authentic’ golf swing, one that is the established shape, we are benefitting from the scores of years of playing experience of those who have gone before us have put into planning the perfect swing. The model swing shape puts the clubhead on the straightest line for the longest length of time, which in actual fact is a measly fraction of a second.

For this brief instant, for that split second immediately before the club strikes the ball to the fraction of a second afterward when the ball has left the tee, the clubhead is travelling straight to the target and at a level height.

Getting the ideal swing is not straightforward. But we can try!

Keith Lunt writes for Golf Gear, where you can get involved with golfing conversation and a whole heap more.

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