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Do Graphite Shafts Give You Extra Distance Part 1

The hottest topic in golf this season is the graphite shaft. How true are claims of extra distance? How much do the clubs cost, and are they worth it?
Should you be getting graphite-shafted clubs?

It is claim that a golfer can get 20—25 yards more with graphite shaft drivers. Others have claimed gains of up to 30 yards.
Relatively few golfers have had the opportunity to try the shaft themselves. The scientific data is available to realistically evaluate the shaft, but in the months and years ahead golfers are sure to hear even more about it and be using graphite shafts.

Does the graphite shaft enable a golfer to hit the ball farther?
In theory a golfer can swing faster with the lighter graphite shaft, clubhead weight being the same, and thus hit the ball farther. However, some golfers find they get no distance advantage from graphite shafts. Some touring pros, probably the leading student of the swing among the tournament players suggests that the answer may lie in the individual’s type of swing. (Whatever your swing, don’t expect immediately to pick up 20—30 yards off the tee.

Tests by True Temper, the world’s largest shaft producer, show its steel shafts lag about 1 per cent behind graphite shafts in overall distance tests with its mechanical golfer. In the True Temper tests an Aldila extra-stiff shaft averaged 242.9 yards and a Dynamic steel extra-stiff shaft averaged 239.8 yards.
Both drivers had the same swing weight, but the club with the Aldila shaft was x.6 ounces lighter. “The tests are not conclusive, but they are indicative of the difference that can be expected between graphite and steel — about 1- 1 0.5 per cent,” said True Temper.

Can you hit the ball straighter with graphite?
Most knowledgeable observers say yes, basing their opinions on the light weight and fast recovery characteristics of graphite. Because the graphite shaft bounces back faster after bending during the swing, its supporters say the clubface is more likely to be square to the intended line of flight when it contacts the ball. The graphite shaft is 1, ounces lighter than a conventional steel shaft, and it’s lighter than lightweight steel by—1 ounce.

Are graphite-shafted clubs still very expensive?
The average price of a graphite-shafted driver in Britain is still about £83.87, but costs are likely to drop, particularly if demand increases. Within a year graphite shafts could he selling at no more than 20—25 per cent above the cost of top-quality steel shafts.
What type of player benefits most from graphite?
Although manufacturers claim more than 100 touring professionals in America have ordered its drivers, the main beneficiaries of the graphite shaft could be women and senior golfers.

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