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Ways To Drive Long While Keeping It Straight

A well struck drive is a thing of pleasure. Skilled golfers understand that in order for a drive to be a success numerous things need to occur, and occur perfectly.

It’s one thing to hit your drive long. It will be another thing to hit your drive straight. Go-getting players want to be both straight and long. Achieving this objective is something you can carry out.

For those who may be new to golf, let us discuss these 2 words in brief.

Straight: When we discuss straight in golf, we do not mean the ball flies straight as an arrow. That specific flight path nearly never takes place. Mainly players will develop either a fade or perhaps a draw for his or her ball flight path. Straight in golf idiom means the ball ultimately lands near where you’re aiming.

Long: Long can be an vague word in golf. It means various things to assorted people. 200 yards might be considered “long” by several players, while others are not contented unless they get three hundred or more.

Here are Several Tips to Get the Ball Going Straight and Long:

Set Up: Listen, it does not make a difference if you have muscles the size of Samson’s. If you do not set up correctly, your drive is going to be off. A lot of golfers will just suppose that they really are setting up properly when, in truth, they’re not.

Get your local pro have a look at your address. He or she can provide invaluable suggestions to correct any faults you have with your adress position.

Tempo Is important: Some golfers would do well to merely decrease the pace of their Golf Driver Swing. The power of the drive is a result of the speed of the club head and not from the arm muscles.

Make your backswing slow and focused. The key word here is at ease. The tendency to “whip” the driver back will only result in poor drives.

Pause: When you get to the top of your backswing, pause for just a very brief moment. This can be a hard habit to master, but it’s a necessary one. This small pause permits you to start the weight shift required for your downswing.

The shaft on your driver has a certain amount of flex to it. This flex means almost nothing on the backswing, and everything on the downswing.

This pause allows the shaft to settle at the top of your back-swing, as a result making it prepared for the downswing flex it takes to generate clubhead speed.

Balance is Vital: A straight, long drive demands balance. Lacking domination over your balance, your drives will suffer. It really is that plain.

Some golfers don’t see that they have a difficulty with balance because they have spent years compensating for it. Again, a visit to your local pro will help discover any faults you have.

One of the best ways to eliminate balance difficulties goes right back to what we pointed out a moment ago. Slow your swing down. A slower swing enables the body to maintain its balance better.

Straight or Long: You would like to hit the ball straight. You intend to hit the ball long. Which should you concentrate on first?

Being able to hit the golf ball long is an excellent feeling, unless you happen to be slicing or hooking it onto the next fairway. The best Free Golf Tips we can give is to concentrate on hitting the ball straight after which you can worry about distance.

As you practice hitting the ball straight, you’ll learn if you have a natural fade or a natural draw. This information is very important for when you begin to focus on distance.

For the moment, though, concentrate on hitting the golf ball to its projected target.

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