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The Golf Ball Shag Bag – Making Practice Fun Again, Guaranteed!

Any golfer looking to improve needs to get a golf ball shag bag. It doesn’t matter if you have a driving range at your home course or not you still need to practice your approach shots and short game around the greens. This little innovative piece of equipment makes things a lot easier to pick up and store the golf balls you use during practice.

These great little bags are skinny and cylindrical in shape. They stand about two feet tall and have a small little tube (usually metal) that runs the full way down the center of the bag. It’s just a little wider than a golf ball and has three or four flexible little metal teeth at the bottom or one end so the balls don’t fall out. The top part of the tube is covered with the actual bag part of this tool that holds the golf balls in it. There is a small zipper that runs down the side of the bag so you can empty the balls out when you’re ready to use them.

What about the balls you ask? Well, just use the old balls in your bag or the ones you’ve found around the course. Golfers will often refer to a found ball that is in bad shape as a “shag ball” and will use it in their shag bag. You can also go to any store and get some refurbished golf balls really cheap to put in the bag if you don’t have enough old ones kicking around.

What you do with the golf ball shag bag is pick up your golf balls after you’re finished practicing or hitting them. The top part of the bag will have a handle that you hold on to as you walk around picking up your balls. You simply go over to one of your balls, position the bottom of the tube on top of the ball, and simply push down slightly until you hear the ball click and go into the tube. Go over to the next ball and do the same thing until they’re all picked up. It’s as easy as that, no effort or bending over to gather them up. The balls will start piling on top of each other and climbing up the tube. As they reach the top of the tube they’ll flow over the top and down into the bag.

Golf ball shag bags are very simple to transport as they aren’t very heavy. They hold about 50 golf balls on average depending on what size bag you get. They fit easily into the trunk of your car, or the bottom of your locker (if you’re lucky enough to have one) at your golf club. So golfers will even keep them with their clubs if they have club storage at their respective clubs. Since a lot of golf clubs (specially the older ones) don’t have a driving range these little practice bags come in real handy for practicing short irons or your short game. They’re also great if you just want to warm up by hitting a few balls before a round without having to go to an offsite range.

Simply put these golf ball shag bags are great to have around. They will make your practice sessions easier and quick so you don’t waste any time. After all, every one has so little time to practice it’s important to use your time wisely. If you don’t have one of these bags yet, go out and get one and watch your game improve with practice.

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What There Is To Know About Golf

While golf has been quite a popular game throughout the world, there are still many people who have no idea what the game is really about. Some people even dismiss it as a stupid sport where people hit balls just to follow them endlessly. People are quite alienated with the game because many consider it as a sport of the elite, and thus are intimidated by it.

Golf is actually a sport where teams or individuals try to make a ball get into a hole by hitting it with a club within terrain. The game originated from Scotland and has been a popular sport in the British Isles for more than five centuries. The oldest existing course can be found in Musselburgh, the Old Links where the game has been played since 1672. Fairly recently this popular belief of golf’s origins has been contested by Chinese professor Ling Hongling of Lanzhou University, who acquired some evidence that a similar game has been played in China during the Tang Dynasty, which was more than half a century before the game first came into play in Scotland. While this may be true, the game as people know today is more similar to the one played in Scotland.

A game of golf occurs in a wide piece of land called the course. In the course, a series of holes is dug. Usually there are 9 to 18 holes in a golf course. Some people mention of a nineteenth hole, but that is just the slang for the bar or grill where players go to after a game. Each player makes his first stroke on the tee, a specially tended part of the course where the ball is first launched, and then makes the necessary successive stroked from the fairway – places in the course that are conducive for playing, or from the rough – places in the course that are more difficult to play in. Holes may have hazards which could be filled with water or sand, certain consequences are required for players who land their balls into hazards, these consequences are based on strict rules.

A golf player uses clubs to hit balls. Players can bring up to fourteen different types of clubs in a game. The general types of clubs are woods – used for long shots that require the travel of the ball at great distances, irons – used for shots that require more precision than power, and putters – used for playing in the green. Specialized clubs include wedges – irons that are used for shorter shots, and hybrids – combinations of the precision of irons and the power of woods. The golf ball has a diameter of at least 42.67 millimeters and a mass of no more than 45.93 grams. The golf ball has around 300 to 400 dimples on its surface, which are useful for the ball’s movement in the air.

Golf balls often have two to four layers made from synthetic materials. Golf carts are used as optional modes of transportation through long courses. The equipment used by players are placed in golf bags. Players wear special golf shoes that have spikes or plastic claws on their soles to maximize foothold on the green. Golfers often wear gloves to prevent blisters on their hands. Tees are used to position balls during the first stroke of each hole. A score card is used to keep a record of the game.

There are many other things to learn about golf such as the rules of the game, handicap systems, different techniques in putting, and so on. Luckily there are many books and magazines devoted to golf and most are available in local bookstores and magazine kiosks. There are also numerous of online golf resources on the internet.

Golfing can be a great pastime and a worthwhile activity for people of different backgrounds and ages. With a good grasp of what is to know about golf, the game can simply be a joy to play.

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Learn How To Do A Proper Golf Ball Comparison To Improve Your Game

If peak performance is what you are after then you need to learn how to do a proper golf ball comparison. Just like choosing the right golf clubs, picking the correct ball for you is just a matter of matching the different types of balls with your swing and how you play golf. Golf balls are all the same, aren’t they? They may be small, but they are one of the most engineered pieces of golfing equipment.

Have you ever taken a really close look at a golf ball? They have different feels, different densities and different spins resulting in a different action, depending on how you play the game. To get the best out of your game and your golf ball, you need to match each section of the golf ball with your level of skill and style,

First off, you need to chose the correct golf ball compression. The compression is the measurement of how tightly wound the ball is. Depending on your swing speed, depends on how the compression comes into play. If you’re swing speed is quite slow, then you will want a lower compression. Therefore, the faster the speed, the higher the golf ball compression that you will need.

In total, the compression ratings are broken down into three seperate groups.

The first group is the 80 compression golf balls. They tend to be the softest and produce what essentially results in a sling shot effect when they are hit. They fly farther after being hit but they are much hard to control and hit accurately. They are the most popular type of golf ball amongst women, senior and junior players for their distance alone.

The next group is the 90 compression rating golf balls. Due to their middle of the road standing, soft enough to provide good distance on a slower swing but hard enough to provide a good degree of control, these are a good match for most male players in a golf ball comparison. They also prove to be a great choice for the more advanced female players.

The final group is the 100 compression rating golf balls. Fast swing speeds are needed for top performance due to these being the hardest balls. These type of balls are most popular amongest the low handicap and scratch players due to the faster swing speeds and the higher level of control.

Of course the only real way for you to know which is the best fit golf ball compression for your game is to do your own golf ball comparison. So, why not take a few of each of the golf ball compressions out to the driving range and find out which ones work best for you.

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