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Golf Ball Position – How Important Is It Where To Place Your Ball?

When learning the game of golf, players are taught how important it is to develop muscle memory. The individual components of a swing are learnt by the player by using his muscle memory. Rather than having to remember each detail, the player after a time of practice automatically combines the individual parts to form the whole swing. The best swing is smooth and above all, CONSISTENT. A great golfer can hit the same shot the same way over and over again. This is the main difference between a good golfer and the best golfer!

The question arises therefore, if consistency is so important, why would you interfere by moving the ball position for each club? Isn’t it counter-intuitive to force you to setup differently depending on which club you’re using?

There are of course good reasons why you choose to position the ball differently for each club.

– A driver is the longest club in your bag You should imagine swinging the club in a wide, smooth arc in a sweeping motion. You literally sweep the ball off the tee.

– Irons on the other hand are hit in a different way. You should actually hit the ball in a downward motion, less a smooth arc, more a downward blow. If you hit down on the ball, you will impart spin.

– With the irons, you generally aim to hit the ball at the bottom of the swing arc.

– Drivers should hit the ball on the upswing rather than in the middle of the arc. The result is great lift and distance.

So where should the ball sit exactly for each club?

The answer depends a little bit on each individual player although there are general guidelines:

Driver and fairway wood: position the ball in line with your left toes. Use common sense depending on what feels best. I prefer the ball to sit outside my left foot. You can apply this for any club with less than 19 degree loft.

5 iron to 9 iron: Take note of your heels when setting up. Put the ball directly on the middle line between your heels. You may even feel that your 9 iron could be put a bit more to the right (back in your stance). Try it and see how it feels.

2 iron to 4 iron: From the middle line, move the ball to the left ( forward in your stance) by maybe one ball width per iron. Use the same principle for woods and hybrids with more than 21 degree loft. Again, you need to use discretion.

Make a point of listening to the sound of the club striking the ball. You know when you’ve struck the ball well. Your wrists and back won’t hurt or twist, there is a satisfying “clunck” and your ball will fly true and far. Ball positioning is a key ingredient to getting there.

If you’d like to learn more about what constitutes a great swing, let me give you practice drills on my website www.best-golf-instruction.com.

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