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Check Your Golf Backswing With This Simple Golf Drill

This article gives golfers a simple exercise to check the position they need to get into at the top of the golf backswing.

This article gives golfers a simple exercise to check the position they get into at the top of the golf backswing.

Many golfers swing to the top of their backswing, then stop and see if their club is in the right position. Naturally this is a very, very hard way to tell if the backswing is in “the slot” so to speak.

So if you’ve struggled to tell whether your golf backswing is correct then today I’m going to give you a great exercise that will allow you to quickly tell if your backswing is too upright, too flat or just right.

To do this exercise, all you have to do is swing back to the top of your backswing and stop and hold your backswing position for a second or so.

Then from this position, simply slowly loosen your grip and let the shaft fall down. You know that your backswing is perfect if the club falls on top of your right shoulder. But if the club misses your body altogether that indicates that your backswing is too flat. If the club hits your head or neck, your swing is too steep.

If you find that your backswing does not finish where it should, avoid the following:

Do not try to manipulate what is happening near the top of your backswing to get the club in a good position, because you must understand that the golf swing is a chain reaction. Let me explain that some more by looking at what happens when you impact the golf ball:

– The downswing position of your swing is responsible for the impact position.
– Your downswing position is the result of the transition from the backswing position to the downswing.
– The position half way into your backswing determines the position you get into at the top of your backswing.
– Your position half way into your backswing is caused by your takeaway.
– And how you take your club away depends on your setup.

It’s clear that you can’t isolate one position in your golf swing sequence because the positions you got in before determine subsequent positions. Instead what you need to do is systematically work on getting each phase of the swing the best it can be, working from the setup, take away and on from there. If you do that you’ll naturally and automatically get into a great top of the swing position.

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