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Up Your Game With The Awesome G5 From Garmin

To begin with it is almost certainly worth saying something about what a golf GPS rangefinder actually is. In fact, a golf GPS unit relies on communicating with satellites in orbit above the earth to pinpoint the device’s precise position on the surface. Many devices, for example the Golf Buddy range can auto detect the course and hole you are playing. The course has to have been plotted along with the details pre-installed or downloaded into the device. Thegadget can than calculate the distance to unique targets for instance the pin (flag), a bunker or hazard.

There’s a confusing range of golf GPS devices on the market. When picking out 1 to purchase , the size and weight of the gadget is worth contemplating as you are going to should carry it round the course with you and slide it in to a pocket or bag when not truly in use. Most devices are palm sized, rather like a cell phone, the Garmin Approach G5 is 1 of these. You can find also golf GPS watches such as the Garmin S1, worn on the wrist leaving your hands totally free and they function as a standard watch off the course.

Weighing just under 7 ounces, the G5 device might be a featherweight on the fairway but it’s able to stand it’s ground in terms of packing in fantastic features and performing under virtually any environmental conditions. With the option of automating lots of of the functions it is extremely quick to make use of so you are able to concentrate on enjoying your game and playing to at your peak performance!

Arriving pre-loaded with professionally mapped details of thousands of courses and also the alternative to download far more, the Garmin Approach G5 GPS takes the guesswork out of your game. As a player move froms green to green the device automatically updates your new location so you may often have precise info about your yardage, no matter if for a particular shot or to fairways,bunkers or greens. What’s a lot more, you can find no subscription or set up fees. Just load two AA batteries and you’re ready to tee off!

Ease of use is the watch word with this gadgetwhich has just 1 button to opperate it. The sunlight-readable screen and touch technologies makes the Garmin Approach G5 GPS beautifully straight forward to make use of, even on the brightest days. By touching any point on the big vibrant color three inch screen it is possible to measure the exact distance to that precise spot, be it the green, fairway or rough.

And you needn’t worry about the elements either! Not merely is the design of the Approach G5 tough and durable, IPX7 waterproofing means that the device can tollerate not only the occassional drop of rain, but complete submersion in water.

With a digital scorecard included, as well, the Garmin G5 is really a top option for the golfer who wants a tought, reliable and easy to use GPS unit.

The device complies with the USGA and R&A Ruling for use in tournament games (subject to a Local Rule being in force).

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Another golf GPS rangefinder that You might also want to consider is the recently launched uPro MX from Callaway.

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