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Common Tips To Protecting Your Golf Clubs With Driver Headcovers

As an avid golfer who tries to spend as much time on the greens, it’s also a known fact that golf clubs can be a very expensive equipment to buy for a sport. Serious golfers who are willing to pay a lot of money for performance golf sets in turn need to pay special attention in protecting them against damage.

Driver headcovers are the best way to protect the heads of your most valuable clubs. These days, drivers are made of very thin titanium while fairway woods are made of thin stainless steel.

As most fairway woods come with decorative paint schemes, it’s important to protect the thin metals with driver headcovers from getting dented, scratched or the paint getting chipped.

Common reasons why golf clubs get damaged while in the bag are due to sliding and rattles, so it’s important to replace the driver headcovers during play. These days it’s getting common that newer versions of driver headcovers are made with extra long knit necks to protect the graphite shafts from damage while inside the bag. Playing your favourite game or even moving around can cause serious scratch of the graphite shaft’s outer coating, potentially leading to more serious harm.

Nowadays, driver headcovers are available in a wide range of brand names and designs. Custom made driver headcovers manufactured to suit the clients needs. Ranging from animals, comic characters or even flags can be chosen for the design of your driver headcovers to add some variety. If you’re buying a new set, mostl of these driver and fairway club models will have their own driver headcovers already available just for that club. Each day new designs are coming out at a fast rate and some can be opened quickly while some are held together with Velcro or even a magnet.

For those who prefer some added variety, there are also iron driver headcovers which are now also available. These are normally made from a rubber based material and cover only the club head, and not the shaft. They normally have a opening in the side that allows sliding them onto the club head very easy. Many iron driver headcovers are connected together with a heavy cord, to minimize loss of the covers.

Lastly, it’s not very difficult for golfers to find an alternative as driver headcovers can even be purchased online.

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