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Cleveland CG15 DSG Wedge: Greatest Wedge Of 2010?

The fresh golf wedge coming from Cleveland golf may just simply end up being the very best golfing wedge of the season. Though we are only just commencing a new golf season the Cleveland CG15 Wedge is already generating waves on golf courses all around the world but just what exactly will the Cleveland CG15 provide?

Zip Grooves The cutting-edge, envelope-stretching geometry from Cleveland Golf. This particular patented technological know-how offers consistent milling of every groove to optimum conforming dimensions. The CNC machine form cutter bit is designed to the precise shape of the actual groove generating grooves and edge radii having absolute accuracy. The absolute integrity of the grooves is maintained by the application of a proprietary coating to each groove for protection in the sandblasting procedure. Players are assured that groove size will be optimized to channel a lot more dirt at impact as compared to standard grooves. More spin will be produced through this improved ball-to-clubface contact and this also leads to more consistent shot-making.

Laser Machined Face Cleveland Golfs precision surface roughness technology. Making use of the precision of the laser, four perfectly calibrated texture lines are Laser Milled amid each groove. The effect is a clubface with a wonderfully consistent surface texture to the conforming limit. This state of the art surface area roughness system makes for optimum ball-to-clubface friction and maximizes spin under the Rules of Golf.

Tour developed form and offset like every Cleveland Wedge, the CG15 design is tour scrutinized to make sure the perfect address view and functionality. Golfers may notice how the Cleveland CG 15 Wedge form profile is a little bit more compact in comparison with past Cleveland wedge models. The smaller shape reduces turf interference, and also the bit of offset boosts spin by promoting a downward hit. The actual face is a little plumper to improve feel, and the S-sole is intended for enhanced versatility around the greens.

S Sole Grind The 3-segment sole feature made to increase flexibility on just about all shots around the green. The wider sole width for the heel area increases forgiveness on open-faced shots through minimizing digging which is especially beneficial on sand shots. The middle area incorporates a standard sole size for conventional Cleveland wedge efficiency on square-faced shots. The toe area of the sole has material taken off to minimize turf interaction as well as drag. This blend maximizes contact as well as sole function on just about all likely golf shots around the green.

3-Bounce Fitting System – The CG15 retains the Cleveland Golf custom of providing the most complete options of bounce and loft choices to players of all abilities. The Low, Standard, and High Bounce choices are plainly shown with the same 3 dot system used on all series wedges (1 dot = Low Bounce, 2 dots = Std Bounce, 3 dots = High Bounce). Additionally, the bounce value (assessed in degrees) is actually engraved on each sole delivering players with all the more information to aid the selection and fitting approach.

The CG15 DSG couples all the characteristics of the CG15 wedge with a special Dynamic Sole Grind (DSG) which allows players of all levels to open the clubface more readily at address. The CG15 DSG wedge permits square-faced shots to play just like a standard bounce wedge. The leading part of the sole is narrow with a high bounce angle, while the trailing edge sole grind delivers low bounce functionality on open-faced shots due to its lower leading edge. This mixture of sole characteristics permits players to hit high and soft touch shots without difficulty.

Traction Wedge Shaft – Built from Tip to Grip to enhance feel and spin functionality, the stiffness profile of Cleveland Golfs TRACTION shaft responds to the flex demands of any wedge shot. The tip section is a bit softer increasing feel and responsiveness. Stiffness is greater in the mid and butt areas of the shaft in order to guarantee maximum launch conditions and consistency on full shots. The combination constantly delivers the wedge head to the ball with a release which ensures optimum Traction and spin efficiency on scoring shots.

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