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The Short Game Of Golf – The Chip Shot

Doubtless we have all noticed the expression in golf of drive for show and putt for dough. Well, a few golf instructors as well say drive for show and chip for dough. Whichever way you view it, the short game of golf could make or break your score. You could certainly improve your score by learning golf’s short game; both putting and chipping.

How often have you made a good long drive from the tee, a second shot barely short of the green, after which for some reason the chip shot to the green is either too short or way beyond the pin? In the end you could have finished up using 3 putts to put the ball into the cup. 4 shots have been made with the chip shot and putting the ball in the hole, which are two times as many as it took to get from the tee to the edge of the green. For a par 4 hole this implies a double bogey; have many of those and your golf score is more than triple digits.

On the other hand, when you are able to learn to chip the ball relatively close to the pin, you stand a good possibility of putting the ball for a par. Obviously, the best situation for most par 4 holes is usually to drive the golf ball as far down the fairway as practicable whilst keeping it on the fairway, followed by an approach shot on the putting green. You then have the possibility of either taking two putts for a par or one for a birdie.

On the other hand, for the beginner, hitting many approach shots onto the green is really a tricky proposition. It’s more likely that they are going to miss the green to one side, hit it short, or over the green. For this reason dominating the short game is so vital; a solid chip shot can get you close to the flag stick to save par. However, everything has to start with a good drive onto the fairway; in the event you suffer with a banana ball your initial step needs to be to learn How to Cure a Slice.

Really the only way to learn to chip the golf ball successfully is to practice. Unlike the full swing, the chip shot requires touch or feel. This will only be learned by repeated practice. The chip shot involves delicacy and to accomplish this shot you will need to break down the shot into two parts; the plan and the execution.

To start with you must plan the sort of chip shot that can have the best likelihood of success – getting the golf ball near the flag. This can depend upon your lie (whether the golf ball is on the fairway or the rough,) if there are any hazards between your ball and the hole, and finally planning where on the putting green the golf ball will land and how much it needs to roll to reach the flag.

The preferred type of chip shot is the bump and run. If you are just off the green and also have an adequate amount of green to work with, in that case this is often the best shot. The easiest way to chip the golf ball from various distances is to decide on one club that you are usually comfortable with and then practice the various chip shots with just that club. The 7, 8, or 9 iron is a good selection for this type of chip shot.

You’ll need to play the ball back within your stance and your hands in front of the club head. Narrow your stance and stand nearer to the ball with a square clubface. Place your weight over your forward foot and use a shoulder and arms swing like a pendulum. The practice part would be to know how firm to hit the ball to get the ball rolling near the flag.

When you keep practicing this sort of chip shot you’ll be able to get the ball quite close to the flag stick which gives you the prospect of saving par. The short game is usually simpler to dominate than hitting the driver however it necessitates just as much practice. So, the next time you’re doing some Driving Range Practice with your driver, do not forget to practice your golf short game, in particular the chip shot.

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