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Callaway UPro GPS Review

The Callaway uPro is purposefully designed to be lightweight and sleek so as to fit in your pocket or on your belt without affecting your gameplay. It uses the latest GPS, aerial and satellite data to create accurate detailled images of thousands of golf courses. The Callaway uPro GPS displays these high-resolution images on a 2.2inch LCD screen. The LCD screen is a transreflective screen, meaning that it actually uses sunlight to illumuinate the display, therefore you will still be able to read the screen even in direct sunlight.The Callaway uPro has two modes, Basic and Pro, aswell as many smart features. In Basic mode, you can see the distance to the front, back and centre of the green in large readable numbers with the GreenView feature and you can also use the Mark feature to measure the distance of your shots. All hazards on a particluar hole can be viewed by using the HazardView feature. It shows a list of the distance of each hazard from you and which type of hazard they are. Also VirtualGreenView shows a graphic image of the green and it’s surroundings, it includes precise yardages and you can also use the AnyPoint technology measure any spot on the green.

Meanwhile, the Pro mode of the Callaway uPro is where it comes into it’s own. It produces a tour-style video flyover for each hole.It shows a clear image of the hole with yardage marker at 200, 150 and 100yards, allowing you plan your shots and gain the upper-hand over your opponents. The most impressive feature is the SmartView technology, its produces customized zoomable aerial images of the green with yardages according to your position on the course. The target area of your next shot can also be viewed, this allows you to avoid those water hazards and dreaded bunkers. By using the Mark Function you can measure the distance of your shots.

In addition, the Callaway uPro has the quickest startup time of any golf GPS system, with a super-fast GPS locking system. The high GPS sensitivity, means the uPro remains locked even in the most extreme terrains. And as an add-on software download, the device can accept voice commands to make menu navigation virtually hands-free.

The Callaway uPro GPS is supplied with one free Pro mode download of a golf course of your choosing, a rechargeable battery, a wall charger and a USB cable. The device comes with a six-month warranty.

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