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Ladies Golf Equipment The Callaway Upro Go: Due To The Fact Sometimes, The Bling Is The Issue

It may possibly seem like yet another generic stereotype, but come on, ladies, you might have to admit it: we all like to accessorize. Regardless of whether it really is the perfect correct hand ring for a night out, or the cutest tassels for your favorite golf shoes, we like to buy the small extras that make things just just a little far more personal. Needless to say, those little accessories could be the ideal gift for the lady golfer, no matter what level she is at, so give those hints to your family members! As a matter of fact hint that you would like a Callaway Upro Go. Should you need more convincing check out this fantastic Callaway Upro Go review that I have written as I tried and tested it out.

Keep in mind, your initial investments within your golf game should be in fairly decent clubs and for the beginner, possibly some lessons. Believe of accessories as the additional bangles and baubles- not required, but a great deal of fun to have. Yes, you do need golf balls, on the other hand, you don’t require golf balls that have your name on them, albeit they’re nice to have. Numerous corporations also offer whimsical golf balls, with sayings and phrases, for instance 1 quite amusing version looks like a screaming face. Whilst they could be cute and funny, they’re not needed to your game. The bag itself is really a necessity, but in case you have spent additional on it than the clubs that it holds, it has drifted over to the realm of accessory. A straightforward, basic bag might be perfectly fine until your game improves, although upgrading clubs doesn’t mean that you have to upgrade the bag as well. But I basically call a gps system a neccessity. As a matter of reality I have a Callaway Upro Go review that can surely assist you make the proper decision when you think it is for you.

A bag of tees are a fairly cheap investment also, as lengthy as you stick to the basic wooden variety. Of course, you can find countless other varieties accessible, which includes gold plated, ultra pretty golf tees. Whilst they’re attractive, they are, again, not truly needed to for your golf game.

A real golfer is one that focuses on her game, improving her swing and her handicap, not working on having the newest gadget or adornment for her bag. Look at the other golfer’s that play at your club. Listen to their final scores and then look at their gear. Does it seem that those with the rather ideal golf scores are the ones with the least amount of superfluous stuff? Of course you will find exceptions to every rule, and yes, a few of the very best golfers might truly be thrilled to have little pink piggy golf club covers, but it really is additional likely that they will invest their money on lessons and trips to the driving range instead.

So whenever you are in the market ladies for golf accessories the Upro go is really a wonderful method to go. It is a neccessity along with a terrific addition to any female golfers arsenal.

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Callaway Upro Go Review – Pro’s, Con’s Along With A Individual Evaluation Of The Upro Go

Looking for a callaway upro go review?

Well you have absolutely come to the right place. Lots of persons think that the Upro Go is a slimmed downed and lower price Upro. It is not it is a entirely distinct device with an entire new set of functions.

Probably the most noticeable thing that has changed from the Upro to the Upro go is probably the preloaded 18,000 courses that the device comes with. So you know what that mean no far more buying courses that you don’t own.

Initial I need to ask you a question :

What is it that you believe you must be searching for in a golf gps ?

– it ought to be really user friendly, we are playing golf not attempting to program a web site

– course maps should come preloaded and totally free or have a 1 time low price fee

– it needs to be lightweight and effortless to carry around

– the reciever will need to often have pin point distances and exact positions

– requirements to be water proof, you never know when it going to rain or your going to land in a water hazard

– battery really should last an whole round, whats the point if it goes dead on the 9th hole

Okay let’s get down to the callaway upro go review

I will start acquire listing the pro’s followed by the con’s of the Upro Go.


It is extremely compact and simple to hold
You get the pleasure of viewing a quite bright and vivid color screen.
You are going to be able to measure accurate distances to any point on or around the green.

You don’t get an whole view of the hole
If you are in search of stats tracking along with a digital score card this isn’t the device for you.
Now I want to share with you my personal Callaway Upro Go Review

The Upro Go was ideal for me because all or most of the courses that I used it for I had played prior to. I did try it on an entirely new course and it helped me plan significantly better shots and my club selection was overall much better.

I was able to measure the exact distances to every hole due to the fact I opted for the advanced Go Mode.(1 time fee of $50.00 which is worth every single penny). Since I began using the Upro Go I noticed that I have grow to be a great deal far more consistent than I used to be on especially the 9th and 10th hole of my local golf club. Commonly at around 75 to 100 yards I would completely bomb my next shot. But now I have a nice and consistent 75 to 100 yard swing thanks to the info that the Upro Go provided.

Have you added this incredible device to your golfing arsenal yet?

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