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Discover Three Reasons You Need To Acquire A Callaway Upro Go GPS Rangefinder

Have you been thinking about purchasing a Callaway Upro Go GPS Rangefinder ? If so then I strongly suggest that you read this whole article as I outline 3 of the top reasons for owning the Upro Go

Very first just a little bit about me and my story, I have been playing golf for the last 3 years. I am not what you could call a pro or anything but, I like to think that I am pretty excellent at it. Well me and a buddy of mine travel around the whole state of Texas to diverse golf courses and clubs. Even though playing a course in San Antonio I was 1st introduced to the Callaway Upro Go GPS Rangefinder.

Let me tell from that day forward I have consistently cut strokes off of my golf game every single time I play.

With this in mind I need to share with you 3 things that the Callaway Upro Go Gps can and will do for you to help you improve your golf game.

After having played almost every course in Texas with my Upro Go this is what I came up with.


The Upro Go will give you exact and accurate distances to each green, bunker, or hole. Basically wherever you’re planning to hit your next shot, you’ll know precisely how far and how difficult to hit the ball.


The Callaway Upro Go GPS Rangefinder is the only golf GPS that I know comes preloaded together with your golf courses already. All other systems I have tried you’ve got to get the system and then you might have to get each course you play which outcomes in spending even additional funds.


Unlike some other systems that I have tried you never loose signal and you are not going to need to wait for the GPS to catch up to you. It’ll keep its signal if its cloudy, raining, or even if you need to shoot from under a tree. It’ll supply you with the data that you’ll want to take the best shot.

So my advice to you is to not wait and pick up your Callaway Upro Go GPS Rangefinder nowadays. I can nearly guarantee that your shots will probably be much better, you’ll know what clubs to use, and you will cut strokes off your game thanks to this fantastic device.

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