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Making Money Online Selling Tiger Woods Items

Wow! Who would have thought that such an iconic sports legend that is only in his thirties could fall from grace so rapidly. We are talking about Tiger Woods, who IS the best golfer of all time. There are some who may argue with that. However, there really is no argument. With what he’s accomplished already, coupled with what he has yet to achieve in front of him, there is no comparison.

When a person becomes as wealthy and famous at Tiger, I suppose he figures that he can do anything. And he can to a point. The problem is that you can’t do anything without EVERYONE watching. Part of me wishes that people weren’t as infatuated with celebrities as they are just because it gets so old. Another part of me feels a bit of pity for them because they never get a moment of privacy. And yet another part of me feels that if you’re going to live a life of multiple houses, riches, women, cars, and money, maybe you should be under scrutiny all of the time. And that is the truth of the matter.

With all of the recent developments in Tiger Woods life, what used to be a sure fire role model has turned into a person of controversy. Woods’ endorsement companies are dropping him like Braylon Edwards and Terell Owens drop footballs. And the media is just all over his life. Regardless of whether you believe that these recent events are horrible or that they don’t matter that much. Don’t believe for a second that these events are going to slow the Tiger Woods’ sales machine. The saying “there is no thing as bad publicity” definitely applies here. Sure it may hurt some peoples’ opinions of him and all of that sappy stuff, but when you get right down to it America loves controversy. And the only thing it will do is propel his sales through the roof even if he is losing his endorsement companies.

This is a perfect time for people like you and I to take advantage of this situation and make some money selling Tiger Woods’ items. If you believe that people won’t be buying them and that his stock will go down. Buy everything you can of his and wait because his stock will surely rise again. And If you believe, like I do, that people will want Tiger Woods’ items now more than ever. Do what I do and buy and sell these items on websites such as sellbits.com and see how much money you make over a short period of time. I’m telling you, you will be absolutely amazed at the amounts.

People just need to realize that this is part of being a smart online entrepreneur. You must take advantage of the doors that open up to you. Especially when the door that opens is an opportunity presented by someone as high profile as Tiger Woods. So don’t wait! Start now and keep your eyes open for future opportunities just like this one

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