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How To Hit Out Of A Bunker With The Proper Distance

A lot of people mess up hitting a ball out of a bunker. However, this post is not going to give instructions about HOW to hit a ball out of a bunker but rather it is for those who need help with distance control.

One distance control method is adjusting how far open you set your golf club. Longer shots can be achieved by opening the clubface slightly. If they want to hit a shorter shot, they open the face of the club a lot. So what they mainly do is open or close the clubface depending on the distance that they need the ball to travel out of the bunker.

An additional way that golfers hit their golf ball various distances is by hitting closer to the ball or farther away. By striking the sand about an inch behind the ball, a golfer can hit a longer bunker shot. If the shot required is a short distance then a golfer will hit farther behind the ball, such as 2 to 3 inches. With this method all you have to do is determine how far behind the ball you need to hit to achieve a desired distance.

A third way that some control the distance out of a greenside bunker is simply controlling their follow through. With this method you set up to the ball exactly the same way each and every time. An open stance is used with the face of the golf club square to the intended target. They hit the same distance behind the golf ball every time, which is usually around 2 or 3 inches behind the ball. Their back swing is usually a three quarter swing, but their follow through is the only thing that changes. A long shot can be hit with a fuller follow through, and a short shot can be performed by using a shorter follow through.

Try all three methods and see which one works best for you. The 3rd one seems the easiest for me. Take the time to figure out which one works for you and then practice. Practice will make it easier for you when you are faced with hitting out of a greenside bunker.

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