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Why Amateur Golfers Should Elect Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone has done broad investigation on Golf Ball Technology to construct a range of balls apt for amateur golfer swing speeds.
Research from more than 50,000 Ball-Fittings has led to the development of the brand new B330-RX and B330-RXS Balls.
Over the short time, Bridgestone has effectively taught golfers on how to choose a ball based on their swing characteristics – demonstrating concrete results through their pioneering ball-fitting program.

Having performed over 50,000 amateur ball-fittings, Bridgestone Golf assisted numerous golfers find out the importance of matching the correct ball to each player’s game. After collecting and studying swing data from a cross section of golf consumers, Bridgestone discovered a need for a ball that offered tour-level performance around the greens, yet was engineered to optimize distance off the tee for a modest swing speed. As a consequence the B330-RX was born and an complete new category was generated – Tour Performance Balls for Amateur Swing Speeds. The B330-RX was one of the most effective golf ball introductions in the history of the game.

In 2010 Bridgestone will expand that offering with the B330 RX and the B330 RXS creating the first TOUR performance SERIES designed for amateur swing speeds.

The Tour B330 RX possess a 7% softer core with a reformulated mantle that additionally cut down excess spin, resulting in straighter, moreaccurate shots. With its Very SOFT gradational compression core, the ball is simply easily packed for longer distance and great feel. The new core combined with B330-RX’s new Ionomer Inner Cover provides an improvement in velocity and decrease in sidespin with the driver and long irons. As was the case with its award winning predecessor, the new B330 RX not only proposes unparalleled distance performance, but the 330 Seamless Dimple-design urethane cover also ensures Tour caliber greenside spin and control, with a steady trajectory players can count on.

Rounding out the TOUR performance SERIES built for amateur swing speeds is the new-found 3-piece, urethane B330 RXS– giving Bridgestone the softest multi-layer urethane series on the market. The new B330 RXS fits moderate-swing speed players – less than 105 mph – who stipulates a slightly softer feel and further spin control. The B330 RXS features a SOFT urethane cover for high spin control and enhanced feel on and around the greens. Furthermore, the slightly softer core and mantle formulation help to create cut spin off the tee for great distance performance.

At the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, the International Network of Golf gave Bridgestone Golf with the ING Industry Honors Award for the Product Ingenuity – Market Leaders category, recognizing the Tour B330-RX as the the best golf product of 2008. The ballhas moved on considerably since that time.

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