Some Tips To Play Golf In Wet Weather Conditions

Personally, I have been playing the game of golf this winter under some incredibly wet conditions. It wasn’t quite easily, so I thing that my experience will be rather useful for people who are new in golf and consider that playing golf in snow and rain is impossible. Actually, it is possible. All you really need is not become somewhat skilled. And, of course, to get aware of my tips.

While playing is rather moist conditions I discovered these great tips which were able to help me shoot iron shots time and even while things were incredibly wet. Iron shots especially are quite tricky from wet and soggy conditions due to the fact that the moisture in the ground inhibits the potential compression of the ball.

It is true fact that if the soil you are playing at is moist there is considerably less compression and having great deal of water in the grooves you have no compression at all. Therefore if you do nothing and make your attempts to play golf in the usual for you way you are most likely to see a great reduction in your shot distance and your possibilities to control it. That is why it is recommended to study these tips to hit much better.

Iron Shots During Wet Conditions

1. It is advisable to stand in a bunker stance.
2. Then choke down. Just stand on soft turf where your feet will sink into the wet surface a little bit. Remember that if you chok down will easily prevent you from hitting the shot fat.
3. Stand tall. You should move a little closer and stand somewhat taller in order to promote a more vertical straight swing path.
4. Hover your golf club. Remember that you should not ground your golf club as usual. Instead of it is desirable to hold it right above the ground. This trick will also quite effectively help in preventing the dreaded shot. It is worth mentioning that a fat shot is performed worse by the soft turf.
5. Then hit the back of the golf ball. Try to make contact with your golf ball first. Remember that the margin for possible error is smaller than usual with these conditions. Pay all your attention to targeting a spot an inch in front of your ball. Then begin your shot after making slight contact with the back of your ball first.

If you follow these simple tips you will definitely make crisp and pure contact with the irons every time when the golf ground is soggy and wet.

It is desirable to think about these tips carefully. My last advice is simple – simply take more clubs to make up shots for the lost distance.

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