Skycaddie SGX Review,

The Skycaddie SGX is the ultimate in golf gps units. It comes ready to play out of the box with 30,000 preloaded courses and basic green information. The SkyGolf Skycaddie SGX boasts many new and exciting features, resulting in this amazing device being absolutely essential to golfers that want to save strokes and lower their handicap.

With the Dual Navigation System, the Skycaddie is very user friendly, it allows the operater to use one hand. Aswell as this the AuotView “buttonless” and “touchless” technology allows the golfer to navigate from screen to screen by turning the device from landscape to portrait positions.

The Skycaddie SGX has a 3-inch transreflective TFT LCD screen that ensures perfect images even on the sunniest of days and it has been designed to be very sleek and durable. Maintaining a link to a satellite is vital to a GPS System. Skycaddie have designed the TruePoint GPS Precision Positioning Technology, along with the Omni-Directional High Performance GPS Antenna, both of these systems combine to provide ultra fast aquisiton and retention of satellites.This provides superior accuracy and performance on all terrains and even under tree cover! To further increase accuracy, the disprepancies between satellite images and reality or resolved by every course being walked by Skycaddie.

The Skycaddie’s Intelligreen and Intelligreen Pro technolgy combined with the Interactive HoleVue with Zoom system, provide the most accurate and up to date course and green information of any golf gps unit. SkyGolf are continually mapping high-precision graphics versions of every hole and storing them in their libraries. These improved versions are zoomable to allow the user to dial in on any particular section on a hole and accurately plot their next shot. Not only does the Skycaddie SGX provide yardages to the pin, but it also shows distances to hazards, layups etc.This can only help players manage the course and shave more shots off their score. The patented Intelligreen technology has proved to be indispensible arounds the greens and the Pro version goes a step or two further. The Intelligreen Pro technology provides accurate distances around the greens, it will rotate the image depending on the angle of approach and give distances of major green contours, false fronts and any other point on the green.

The Skycaddie SGX will track and analyse your perfomance of every round, providing key stats such as GIR, fairways hit and total putts with it’s Digital Scorecard. Couple the Digital scorecard with the ClubSG system, to store your game information and statisitcs in your Personal Performance Locker, for the ultimate game analysis software on the market.

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