Skycaddie SG4 Review.

The Skycaddie SG4 GPS is an awesome piece of kit and has many great features to help you make the right decisions on the course. It has a large back-lit, black and white LCD screen and can store 10 full courses at any one time.The Skycaddie SG4 GPS shows an overview of the hole displaying the most important distances to the front, back and centre of the green. This enables you to swing with confidence and lower your score. By accurately plotting your position of the fairway, the Skycaddie SG4 will quickly display all the yardages and hazards to allow you to make your next shot. Hazards are displayed on the LCD screen as you move down the fairway and are automatically removed from the display as you safely negotiate them, while those still between you and the green are shown. Knowing the yardages from your ball to the hazards enables you to decide whether to layup or go for the green!

The Intelligreen Pro feature provides an accurate graphic image of the green including yardage to the front, centre and back of the green. It will also rotate the image of the green depending on your angle of approach and show major contours and tiers of the green.

Tour players know exactly how far they hit the ball with every club and now you can too. The Mark Your Ball feature of the Skycaddie SG4 GPS allows you measure each and every shot and so you’ll never choose the wrong club again.

Most club golfers waste to much time trying to perfect their technique, believing the only way to lower their score is by swinging a club like the tour players. If only they realised that course management is just as crucial, just imagine how many shots you save could by having the entire course mapped out in the palm of your hand!

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